Movie Review-Predator/Prey

Plot-Eva is a little girl maybe 12 or younger, and is she away at summer camp for her first time trying to learn how to swim. Sounds normal enough, trust me everything about this 11 minute short is anything but normal. Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water….

Review-This short all focuses around little sweet and innocent Eva. Eva is just that little innocent girl, who is trying to learn how to swim, but you know almost immediately when all the other kids are on one place in the lake, and Eva and the Counselor are quite a bit away, that something may be wrong. The counselor who is clearly a grown man starts to make suggestive comments to Eva, that we the viewer feel uncomfortable watching much less listening to, but we cannot seem to turn away. In one scene, he drops his pants to his knees and asks Eva to go under the water to look at it and suggests she touches it. What made these scenes really creepier than what they should have been were the look and the innocence of the actress playing Eva. Of course, we learn there is a stalker in the woods as well watching her. And, as you can guess this will all lead up to the counselor trying to take advantage of her and a twist is thrown in, that you may see coming but nonetheless makes you craving more when the screen says To Be Continued.

The fun to Predator/Prey is that it offers a horror that to a lot of parents is very real, but also gives you a twist that maybe there is more to this horror than we originally thought. The 3 actors that this film revolves around do a really good job with the little bit of time they had to act, and you can tell by the ending and what is upcoming that this seems to be a blue print as to what full length this concept can pull together. It offers you some blood and a kill or two and both are very well done, especially on an indie short film budget. And the ending shot, you know there is going to be more to this story and I hope they do not lose on a big feature the concept that made this short work.

All in all, this is creepy and the first five minutes will get under your skin and try its hardest to creep you out, and it works. The ending will make you pissed off this was not longer and gave you more into this story. All in all, ambitious and definitely will get people talking.

8 out of 10