Movie Review-Porkchop II: Rise of the Rind

Coming to dvd September 25th

Plot- The madman in a pig mask who lives in the woods is still alive. Simon and his family move to a new town that has a dark secret. He befriends a local girl named Meg who goes to school with him and she tells him of the legend of Porkchop. Well, it seems like Simon being the new kid in school, he gets bullied around by the popular kids so Meg decides that when Simon’s parents leave him alone for a weekend to throw a party and help the kids warm up to Simon, well little do they know Porkchop is out to get them all.

Review-I was not a fan of the first film, but this one while very short, I liked a lot more. Unlike the first film, this film had interesting enough characters that at least made you interested in what would happen to them, or if they can survive. But, this film is only less than an hour long. The making of special feature is almost as long as the film. Unlike the first film, this film gives you kills right from the get go whereas the last film had the lame nude scene, this time they have a full on lesbian scene to open the film. The way one of the lesbians is killed was really funny and yet oddly creative. This film unlike the first one was all about the new kid in town and the awkward high school experience, which the characters of Simon and Meg really worked for the most part, until they started doing duets on screen.

The singing numbers were very lame and out of place, but they were what 2 to 3 minutes in all. What I really liked about this film was the sense of humor. There is a scene when News 5 has a special report on tv and it is a local family who is missing their teen daughter. It starts off innocent enough, with the father and mother giving that sorrow speech and playing it up to the camera like they are so devastated. Then, one of the sons blurt out it was Porkchop who killed her, and Shaun C. Phillips in probably some of his best work I have seen, made that scene so damn funny when he was pissed for his brother mentioning it, which turned into a family fight on national tv that just was so over the top it worked.

The film had decent enough kills, and had a lot of humor that was not exactly ha ha, but it was “god that was odd”. Again, my issues with this film unlike the first one is that it seems to end right when it feels it really kicked into high gear and threw some ludicrous twist in that anyone could have seen coming from a mile away. I think of this film as the stop in between from part one to 3D next year that this film was only made to close some chapters from the first ones and set up some premises for the finale of 3D. Like I said in the first review for one, I wish they would give a character a chance to have offense against Porkchop. Why do all the killings have to be all one sided? I think films like Wrong Turn, Saw and even Final Destination have shown if you take your formula and maybe add new elements to it, and try to find a new ground to break it could work. I think for the slasher throwback films, the formula is in need of a change. While this film for what it was, was not that bad. It was just not enough. The last ten minutes you get the bloopers, which was fun for the most part. Then, you get a little tease at the very end for the next chapter. I thought this was a million miles ahead of what the first one was, and would be a fun rental. But, it is only 59 minutes long.

7 out of 10