Movie Review-Munchies

Plot-During an expidition in Peru,Simon Watterman and his son Paul are in a cave looking for artifacts and aliens and discover this gremlin like creature called a Munchie. Well, they put it in their backpack and take it back with them. Well Simon has an evil brother who is a snack food entrepreneur who kidnaps the creature for his own gain. What they do not know is that when you chop up a Munchie, it creates more and they get meaner. This film may have been inspired by Gremlins, Critters, Ghoulies and all films in-between.

Review-The late Harvey Korman plays both Simon and the twin brother, and is clearly lost without Tim Conway. God, Harvey Korman is not funny without having someone to work with who can carry him, sadly this film did not have the character for him. I may have seen this film in 1987 I think, watching it today did not ring any bells with me, but those films were weekly at the time that Gremlins was taking off and producing a sequel, we got so many of these kinds of films that the little indies ones they all seemed to be so much like the others. This one is clearly for the kids, and it shows throughout the film. This film is like Gremlins meets Critters in the safest way possible. The acting and script is just downright horrible, that if there is any gag in this film you laugh at, you will hate yourself more for laughing at it then you think. Just the beginning alone with Paul talking to a camera and trying to think he is some standup comic, and talking his wife at the same time was so horrible. When they go into the cave, and you get to see this Munchie for the first time, you already know how bad this film may get, but if you can get thru the ten minutes to get to that first Munchie (that all you really get is a dark ball of fur in some corner that chases a candy bar in a backpack to eat) half the battle may be won.

And the opening was supposedly shot in Peru, it looked like a dirt road in Kentucky. This is directed by Bettina Hirsch who has only done one other film, but also wrote Airplane II and many great films from the 70’s, so she had to know how bad this film was finishing it. This is just a mess, horrible and not even worth talking about any further. And for the record, why I watched this film is beyond me. If you have the need to go back in time and revisit these films, Gremlins and maybe Ghoulies would be your best bets. And I have to ask, if this is a family film geared towards little kids, what is with this cover? You have the creature drinking a beer, smoking a cigarette and looking up a dress. What kind of kids are you aiming for? Charles Manson’s? Not only did it rip off Gremlins, but the marketing ripped off The Woman in Red, shameless just fucking sad and pathetic to rip off someone else’s marketing as well.

2 out of 10