Movie Review-Miramax Double Feature-The Crow-City of Angels and The Crow-Wicked Prayer

Coming to blu ray on 9/11/12 by Echo Bridge

Plot-This is the 2nd and 4th films into this franchise. The Crow-City of Angels takes place a few years after our first film, and this time Ashe Corven plays a father who is out to avenge the death of his son. In Part 4, Jimmy Cuervo is out to stop gang leader Luc Crash before he becomes too powerful and a demon. Keep in mind this is the first time Wicked Prayer has come out on dvd, now whether that is a good thing or bad, read on and see.

Review-I can go on record today, I have never watched Part 2 all the way thru, or even tried to watch the third or fourth one at all. Until today that is. Let’s start with this 4th one called Wicked Prayer. This is directed by the guy who gave us Six String Samurai, and the cast includes Tito Ortiz, Edward Furlong as the Crow, Tara Reid, Danny Trejo, and the list goes on and on. This one takes place in a desert near some Indian Reservation, and the casting in this film felt more like happy hour patrons at the last chance bar, then a film. I will give Furlong Terminator 2 and American History X, so off a twenty year career ( well I guess you would call it a career) he has only two really great roles, but look what he was acting against so these are cheats to credit him at all. This film made zero to no sense, and felt like Tara Reid wrote the script off bar napkins. And I can go as far as to say, it is unwatchable. If you asked me when the credits hit what I got out of that film, I would draw a blank. I am glad I finally at least got to see this on blu ray at least. Not sure, how to rate it against the dvd since this is my very first time watching it. I know that if Brandon Lee was still alive he would sue these guys for bastardizing his breakthrough role. This film was so messy, and had no direction and when did the Crow look like some wanna be sad Goth kid who looks like he is sure as to what his preference is in men and women. Furlong as the Crow is ridiculous, they could have had Dennis Leary do it and he would have been more imposing and a menace. This film is awful, pure shit. Poor Dennis Hopper and what the fuck is Macy Gray doing in this film?

1 out of 10

I finally watched this film all the way thru. I know this film is sacrilege to the old school Crow fans, but come on give me a break it was not that bad. Vincent Perez had the unfortunate duty of trying to fill in the shoes of Brandon Lee, and you can tell that he felt this stress. That would be like someone trying to play the Joker in Batman; everyone would compare his every move and word and unfairly judge them. That Is what Vincent went thru, and you know what he is nowhere as good as Brandon, but you know he is still a great Crow nonetheless. From the incredible soundtrack to the look and feel of this film, this film was really a great time. I won’t say it is the best thing I have seen, or even close but you know what it could have made top 20 for the year it came out. Vincent Perez, Iggy Pop and Thomas Jane among many others, really shine in this film with such a great story that we can follow and honors the legacy of the Crow while trying to rebuild this from the tragedy that happened.

The blu ray transfer seems to have a few issues with the main menu gave me a few issues and some of the scenes have some kind of foggy haze in them, which is noticeable but nothing too serious. All in all this little bit of issues is my only negative about this film. I liked the 2nd Crow.

8 out of 10

Echo Bridge again releases another dual set of blu rays that is in an affordable pack. Wicked Prayer was a good transfer but a shitty film, City of Angels was a great film but the transfer had some issues.