Movie Review-Low

Plot-Alice is a city girl who goes to the countryside to bury something, when she is about to leave she meets a very strange fellow named Edward who insists she follow him because he has something he needs to show her. Well, Alice does not want to go and just wants to get back home to her life, and Edward kidnaps her and makes her go with him. What is it that she must see, and can she get away from Edward?

Review-This is a very tense cat and mouse sort of film. In the opening seconds we watch thru flashbacks well glimpses into the past of both of the characters Edward and Alice and what led them to this fate of meeting up in the countryside known as Butcher’s Wood. The film reveals the characters through the flashbacks as well, where we wonder if Edward really is a bad person or he is just mentally unstable and needs Alice to be there with him. Then we watch what Alice goes thru to get to that point which seems like a very lonely and sad reality. At first the conversation in the woods between the two of them comes across as a creepy awkward, but later when she escapes but has to go back because she left something, she seems to open up when she knows he has what she needs to leave the woods.

The film builds up to Edward’s big reveal which to me was a little underwhelming, but it was what the film really built up to that really was the star of this film. This film gives you a one two punch, you may get a graze off the first fist, but the second one you won’t see coming and it worked. This film created an atmosphere and mood just from the simpler of ideas two people alone in the middle of nowhere, and we do not know what the motives are for either one.

The script was really well thought out and came across as believable. The characters from the innocent young Alice to the creepy stalker Edward both were played brilliantly. Now this film is not without some flaws, keep in mind watching this film it is a really slow burn, and is very dialogue driven. If you go into this expecting everyone to bleed to death, or nudity and killing galore you will be letdown. The horror element to this film is more mental than physical. Now, there are one or two blood scenes and a kill here and there, but it was the actors and what they did not show us that made the true horror of this film stand out. So if you like maybe a tense little thriller, this film may be your cup of tea. I really liked the film, and thought that at a little over an hour it was just the right length and really worked for the most part.

8 out of 10