Movie Review-Lovely Molly

Coming to Dvd and Blu Ray on August 28th

Plot-Newlyweds Tim and Molly move into her deceased father’s house and slowly but surely Molly soon learns they are not alone in that house.

Review-Say what you want about Eduardo Sanchez, the man is a talented director. I was a fan of The Blair Witch Project and Altered, and also did not mind Seventh Moon that much. Lovely Molly to me may be his best film yet. On the surface this may seem like your typical house possession film or ghost movie, but trust me this film is so much more. Gretchen Lodge is Molly, before I watched this film I never heard of her, now that I have seen what she can bring to a role, I think she is going to be a major name in the years to come. The opening shot of the film just grabs you right from the get go, you see Molly on a video putting a knife to her own throat and telling us that someone won’t let her die.

From that opening scene, we go thru some videotaped footage of her wedding and what looks like she is stalking someone’s family. We learn that once they move into this house, one night the alarm goes off at random and it is discovered someone broke in the house thru the backdoor. Well, that is what they think. A police man cannot find anything and deems it being Tim not locking the door. What really sold the scene in terms of suspense was the simple delivery.

All the actors involved just created such a fear and did not rush it, made it a slow and creeping fear that someone was in that house. Well, from there we learn that Tim is an out of town truck driver and while he is gone Molly is left alone. We are drawn into Molly’s nightmare world that involves a very weird scene of a spirit raping her at work on a security camera, to her changing like you think she is becoming possessed by this spirit.

This film is basically the story of one woman’s past coming back to haunt her, and to watch Molly’s transformation unravel throughout. We learn that Molly has a sister Hannah, and to watch the scenes with the two girls was so realistic and really built the story up. This is one of those films that you just know it is going to really have an ending that will explain what it all means, or leave you hanging and making you re-watch the film again to see if you can figure it out and see if you missed something. And to be honest, the ending to this film had both. There is a scene that involves a preacher and Molly that creates such an uneasy tension that you know something is going to go wrong, like someone is grazing a balloon with a pin that you know will pop but are so anxious to see the pop.

This film was quite frankly one of the best possession films I have seen in a while. It created a tension that as a horror fan you always are welcome to. The characters, the script and just the atmosphere, look and feel to this film were all very well done. The house provided an eerie backdrop, and this film made Molly to be sympathetic one minute and feared the same minute, and pulled it off perfectly. Lovely Molly is a must see for all horror fans.

9 out of 10