Movie Review-Ladda Land

Plot-Ladda Land is based on a true story of a community that was shut down when a rash of deaths that were a mystery and some paranormal things were happening. This film is about a family who moves into this place, and they start to learn that there is something wrong with both their house and LaddaLand.

Review- Ladda Land refers to a middle class subdivision in Chiang Mai, where an everyday ordinary guy moves his family to work for some kind of Drug Supplement Company. We learn that the man has a dark secret, and that is his mother in law has never let it go or forgave him for marrying her daughter. And like most mother in laws she rubs all his failures and faults in his face on a constant basis in spite of him trying to better himself. In addition, the thing that hurts him the most is she tells him what a failure he is to his two kids. He’s estranged to his 14-year-old daughter, and he thinks this move can change all of this. Everything else seems to be going ok, till the night a murder occurs in the neighborhood, then all the scary stuff starts happening and it gives you a lot to cheer about as a horror fan.

What makes this film a little bit better than most haunted house films is that it does give you some scares and keeps your attention throughout. This was a very brilliantly written little film, that on the surface looks like a very shallow concept but it gives you so much depth in the characters and story that you know equal emphasis was on both the scares and the acting. We watch this family slip into some kind of madness, almost like a very intense paranoia and kudos that all involved pulled those scenes off so perfectly. I learned watching this film that the things that go bump in the night is not the biggest fear we should have, it is trying to bring together a family that it seems they are turning against you. While this film is not perfect, it does offer enough to be watchable and a cut above what Hollywood has given us in terms of horror in a little while.

As a horror film it works on certain levels, but this film is in no way original, and some of the scare scenes look like stock footage from other films, but I still enjoyed this film. Of course you have the one character that never watched a horror film in their life, and have to make the cardinal mistakes like checking out a murder scene alone without calling the police. But, there was enough positive to this film to recommend it, and the director also wrote the original Shutter and Phobia 2. All in all, it was a fun time and it is on record as Thailand’s highest grossing horror film of 2011.

8 out of 10