Movie Review-Kill List

Plot- Jay is a hitman who gets pulled back in the scene for one last job with a huge payoff. A year earlier, Jay and his partner Gal had a bad experience during a job in Kiev. This time it seems easy enough, they just have to kill 3 people. Soon, Jay will discover that things may not be as easy as it seems.

Review-This is a first, the very first time I watched a film that frustrated and entertained me at the same time. On the surface this British indie film comes across as some crime thriller/ drama, but as the film unravels itself it is not even close. This film gives you so much to follow, to digest and does not offer any kind of payoff till the finale. And it is one of those finales that lead to an ending that will divide the audience as some people will cheer it and others will be more upset that they stuck it out for it. This film is about 75 minutes of a slow burn, and final 20 or so minutes of action, and again it asks a lot of the viewer. It gives you a puzzle which at times is very confusing to follow much less solve, and by the time it starts to explain itself towards the end, I just think most viewers will have shut off this film by then. To me, I loved the way it ended, and it stuck with me long after I took the disc out and ran to my laptop to type this. For me, it made this film so much more watchable and tolerable.

This film tries to humanize the hitman, where we see a side of him that most films do not offer. The hitman in this film has a family; he has a wife and a child. We get a lot of scenes with him and his family; to me the scenes put a nice spin on this film. You get scenes with him rowing with his wife or playing with his kid and you get paranoia about the scenes, to think they add up to some bigger picture. This film creates a mood not from situations, but from the characters. You watch them interact and while on the surface it looks so innocent something does not seem so right about it, even when the two hitmen hang out they have these odd conversations. Not the Pulp Fiction conversations, a conversation that should have not been in the film.

What film did this remind me of, Ti West’s House of the Devil I guess in certain elements of taking so long to get to the meat of the film, the action I guess? This film promises one kind of genre and offers a totally different other one, so maybe True Romance and Drive as well in that regard. (Not nearly as awesome as either one of those films) Kill List is not in no hurry to give the viewers what they would expect from this film, and seems so occupied telling its story and giving you so much dialogue to digest. Now, I am not saying for me that is a bad thing, if the characters are interesting I am all for storytelling, and the characters in this film all seem wonderfully acted and the script while clunky at times, seemed to really shine once we learn what it all means, and the truth to this film is revealed. I know this film has a strong love/hate reaction; most films like this always seem to do. I guess I am on the fence, I did not hate it but yet I am not overly praising it either. The film was average, a little too slow at times for my taste and yet the payoff I felt to me made it all worth it.

7.5 out of 10