Movie Review-In The Eyes of a Killer

Coming to home video on September 25th from Monarch

Jack lost his eyesight at 8 years old to diabetes; now at 42 he has the chance to get his eye sight back. He is the first patient of an experimental eye surgery that he gets the eyes of a deceased person who had 20/20 vision. After the surgery, Jack and his wife find out that not only does he have two different color eyes but that it may take Jack some time to get adjusted to having sight. Well, there is another side effect which is that the person who had the eyes first was a death row serial killer who preyed upon women who died from lethal injection. Well Jack now with sight starts to change and thru nightmares and a new reality, he is out to finish the job that the killer left behind.

Directed by Louis Mandylor and starring his brother Costas in a small role as one of the people who have no idea what is going on, this little indie thriller was not that bad. I know this concept is not new, but this film gave you just the right amount of plot and decent enough characters, that you invest an interest within seconds and want to see how it would play out. The dialogue in this film at times did seem to drag, but the suspense the film kept made it all worth it when the scenes did play out. This film centers on Jack who is played by the director and his wife Gwen, who when the film starts off and we see blind Jack we feel for him and his situation, and we see he has a woman who loves him and he shares the same love. And when the doctor who is a friend of the family tells Jack that he will make history with this surgery, at first Jack did not want it, but Gwen wanted him to finally be able to see her and what he is missing out on. This film had a smart pace about it; it did not rush out this story and let it slowly start to unfold where each scene we are interested in what is next. The transformation was fun that in one scene you feel sorry for Jack, and in the next you think he is losing his mind, and the next we fear what he will do. The film gives you some decent gore for a thriller, and it gives you some really good kill scenes. My issues with this film was how the ending sort of felt like an afterthought. I wish they would have put so much more thought into the final twenty minutes of this film. A very cheap payoff for an otherwise very good thriller.

There were a few more issues with the film like when Jack goes on a killing spree and Gwen knows he is doing this, why did she not tell the police? Jack starts to abuse her, hits her and threaten her, and she never leaves or goes to the police. But, when he tries to kill her all of a sudden his behavior is a shock to her? Little things like that sort of hurt the final twenty minutes of this film. I will not say this was a bad film, I really enjoyed watching it bad ending, finale and all. This is some of Louis’s best acting in a very long time, and the actress who played Gwen, Gwen Edwards was really a good victim, so this film has a lot of things going for it and well worth you watching it.

8 out of 10