Movie Review-House of Flesh Mannequins

Plot-This is about a somewhat loner named Sebastian who is a photographer for some questionable guy and also he is some kind of underground filmmaker. So you ask, what kind of stuff is he into, violent and graphic, let me be more specific, very violent and very graphic. He spends a good amount of his time watching these homemade almost snuff films and he is also his building’s landlord as well. As you can guess his issues can be traced back to childhood and the abuses he suffered. But, as it does with that misunderstood character of society his life takes a turn when he meets Sarah. Sarah seems to be intrigued with him and develops an interest in him.

Review-With indie films these days I am starting to wonder where they draw the line from what is film and what is actual porn. This is another film, along with Serbian Film, The Bunny Game, and some others that really go so far past the standard R rating into a territory that is actual porn. The film is very slow at times, and the plot almost seems like a joke to mention that it has one, but the art aspect of this film and what this film does give you is indeed pretty hardcore and will get people talking. They have full on penetration sex in this film, and the scene while it was supposed to look erotic and shocking will definitely get people talking. I love shocking and I get it when Richard Kern, John Waters and etc. busted into the scene and showed people that you can make anything and label it art and have no boundaries and they just did what they wanted that they inspired films to go in these directions as a call of arms against films that Hollywood were putting out. I just think films like this while it has a lot of shock to it, just does not offer much more than that. This film blurs that line between taste and just plain snuff and disguises itself under the art banner.

This film won a lot of awards and a lot of critics seem to like this film, I did not hate this film but this film was so slow, and that by the time certain shock elements or even nudity happens, it just feels like wasted opportunities. The character Sebastian was the best acting in this film by far, which is not saying much. This film is more for the shock element more than the Oscar hopes. If this film would have been cut down maybe 30 minutes less, it would have flowed better and I would have gave it a way higher rating. I will say this; I would watch this film again and maybe see if the film still has the same impact on me in certain moments.

So what is the title all about, it is a seedy little building that seems like some kind of fetish display showcase.( very graphic) This is where all my positive feedback will come from, this is when this film found its voice and held nothing back. Sebastian seems to be a regular at this place and is just as depraved as it. This is when most of you will reach for the remote, because from the sex to mutilations it is very explicit and very graphic and looks very real. (almost too real)

You had to know that a fan like me would love those moments, and those moments to me are almost 80 percent of this review. Again, cut off 20 to 30 minutes of this film it would have been so much more.

5 out of 10