Movie Review-Hide Away

Plot-Josh Lucas plays a successful business man who is trying to figure out this life. He arrives on a dock, in a business suit and buys this boat as is and decides to board it and soon discover this boat could be a message of hope to his life of pain.

Review-What you get out of this film is basically what you put into this film. If you have a happy life and never had anything bad happen to you, this may not be a film for you. If you ever experienced grief, resentment, had a life that feels you want to run away from it and just hide, this film is for you. This film has such a dramatic and emotional depth to it that unless you felt it before you may not understand it. The waterside setting to this film is really such a beautiful backdrop to the emotional punch this film packed. It made you feel that Traverse City, Michigan could be anywhere, and he could be anyone of us.

This film uses the boat as a metaphor, like some kind of safety blanket or safe place that nothing can touch us. This film came across as a dramatic yet poetic journey which often quoted Homer’s The Odyssey and even Longfellow. I feel this is some of Josh Lucas’s best stuff to date; he does not only create a mood but gives you a character we can all relate to.

While I am praising this film, this film had a lot of not so good qualities as well. While it works as a character study fairly well, I think the demons of this past should have been explained to us more in depth in the beginning, and if you are waiting for a big reveal or some kind of groundbreaking explanation, you will be letdown. It builds up the situation, but when it is time to reveal the situation it felt bland.

The conversations in this film are kept to a bare minimal and when things are said they sound fake almost really overly thought out to sound reality based but come across as just absurd. When he takes his place in the community, and tries to work on his boat to get it ready to sail, you just know that while he is building this boat he will get his life lessons and feel like he is building a part of himself.

As a whole, the film had a lot of good points and it had a lot of bad points. I liked that this film did not feel sappy or over pretentious, it knew its limits and did not try to cross them. It was a quiet storm that should have had so much more of a payoff then what it did offer. All in all, if you are with a loved one maybe put this in and show her your sensitive side, or if you are going thru the experiences Josh went thru, put it on and know that you will be ok.

6 out of 10