Movie Review-Hate Crime

Plot-A birthday party for Alex and his family turns into a sadistic group of Nazi’s holding them hostage in their own house and the entire ordeal is being videotaped.

Review-Something I always seem to think about when watching found footage films, and it looks like James Cullen Bressack thought the same thing, how and why are they edited? This is an ambitious found footage film because it was all on one shot, there was no editing at all. The other thing I noticed is that this film delivers on its title; this film is all about Hate Crimes. The family that is held hostage is all Jewish and the intruders are all anti-sematic, anti-gay, and very vocal and visual in their hate of the Jewish race. But, with a title like Hate Crime I almost expected this film was going to be very disturbing, vile and very violent. Which you get a great amount of each in very large doses. This film definately delivers on the title.

There is a scene which involves the intruders whose names are actually numbers (like One, Two and Three) raping the mother on a pool table in front of the kids and her husband but while most directors would have stopped there and knew that would create a visual fear that would get a reaction, Bressack decided to take it one step further and have the scene go on to a scene that involves her son being forced to have sex with her in front of the husband and his sister. This film is that film that if one part of a scene does not disturb you, not to worry the scene will get worst and end up disturbing you.

This seems to be the route indie films are going these days this realistic no holds barred guerilla style of there are no rules or bounds we cannot cross or break. Some people like it and embrace that films are getting more and more realistic, and some people were happy when they had Scream 6 in their radar thinking that Wes is the savior of all things horror.

I would love to see how this film would play out on a big screen with a packed crowd. Talk about a film that can divide an audience, and make a lot of awkward talk afterwards. This film for what it is a very ambitious and very well thought out film. To do a found footage film in 71 minutes real time with a bunch of actors who really have no huge resumes or that big a body of work, and they not only make it work, but they will make you believe this is really happening is unreal. The acting for a film this small of a budget with a cast of virtual unknowns, is really incredible. The script is hate filled, and sorrow filled which you would expect. There will be no writing awards for this film, but this film did not need a well thought out script, it gives you a well thought out 71 minutes that will grab you by your throat and force you to watch what happens.

If you know what you are getting into with Hate Crime, you will enjoy it if you are into these kinds of films, but if you do not know exactly what a hate crime is you may not be the person for this film. All in all, this is the trail this man is blazing and each film he is honing his craft and improving leaps and bounds, My Pure Joy was the blueprint for what his vision was, and this is definately more or same the next step in that vision. Like Wes Craven when he made Last House on the Left, James Cullen Bressack is going to be very big in this industry, in the upcoming films and people will always reference this film as a film that really put him on the map. Great Film and also major kudos for the heart and ambition it took to attempt a film like this and pull it off. This film was a disturbing slice of fucked up Americana. I am dying to see what this sick genius pulls out of his hat next.

8.5 out of 10