Movie Review-Gut

Plot-Meet Tom on the surface he may seem just like your ordinary guy. He has a wife and family, a childhood friend that clings to their past and a boring job. Just like the rest of us right? It seems like each day he becomes more and more annoyed by all around him and you can just tell he needs a change. His childhood clinger Dan thinks he has a solution in the form of a videotape he ordered. What Dan shows him changes Tom and he becomes obsessed with the visions he witnessed. Then, next thing you know the videotapes start coming one at a time and Tom is starting to watch this world all seem to alter to the obsession he has with these tapes.

Review-This film was very tense and very effective in its pacing and delivery. This film gives you just enough history on Tom and Dan, that you understand how Tom can be sick of Dan, but how Dan seems to need Tom. This film is billed as some horror film, but it really is so much more. It is about a man and his obsession with the most odd of things, a video he watched. I won’t spoil the fun that is on the videotapes but I will say, it will get your attention and make you watch. This film is erotic without being tasteless, as we witness a scene that starts almost as an odd bittersweet between Dan and the waitress at his favorite restaurant and blossoms into a relationship that is based purely on sex. This film really blurs the lines as to who to sympathize with, and leaves you questioning every character and their motives.

Like the sex element, there is blood and gore in this film as well but they are done in a way that leaves you more fascinated then grossed out. Almost in a way that could be reminiscent of Hitchcock. They give you just enough to keep your attention without having to dumb you down. Gut, manages to draw you into its world within seconds and it manages to keep you involved and interested by giving you great characters and an amazing script. Where many other directors would throw the kitchen sink at you, and hammer you down with clichés, this film is so manipulative, so eerie and creepy that it manages to give you images and creates a real horror, when you assume what you are watching and draw your own conclusions.

If there was any real fault with this film, it was so minor that I overlooked it when I could not escape this mind fucking this film gave me. This film is proof that we are in a great time for film making and with new fresh ideas and name like director Elias, we are going to be witnessing in the upcoming years some very exciting new concepts and films. With Gut, I really loved this film a lot and I thought the ending was maybe a tad bit predictable but it had a little kick to it that I did like that involved a new video tape. If you like psychological horror and want a film that will entertain you and give you a lot to talk about afterwards, this film is really a film you will have fun with. This film got under my skin and really worked on the tense feeling throughout. All I can say is that this is a great film that even non-horror fans could watch and have fun with.

8.5 out of 10