Movie Review-Golf in the Kingdom

Plot- Written and directed by Susan Streitfeld, based on the very popular novel by Michael Murphy. A young American philosophy student named Michael Murphy in 1956 is on his way to India. On this way there he takes a detour to the links of Burningbush, Scotland. He wants to enjoy his final game before giving it up to go to India; he is paired with golf pro named Shivas Irons. This pairing will change what he thinks about golf and life in the next day.

Review-I have never read the novel so I cannot base this review off the book being better or worst. Watching this film was extremely rough, the film was so slow and boring it takes the viewer out of the film completely in almost mere minutes. It felt like a very bad school play with zero to no personality or charisma to make the film at least watchable. This is the shocker to this film, there is little to no golf that you see being played in the film. It is a film based around the love and game of golf, and they use the golf course more for life lessons and philological beliefs. They have these long conversations that take away from the film, and they go on and on to the point that you just want to see when it will end. It reminded me of the regulars who go to places like McDonald’s or a coffee house and just sit around and talk, and talk, and keep on talking but seem to just keep harping on topics and things, rather than make it interesting.

Mason Gamble portrays Mr. Murphy, who in this film seems to be missing something, like he is acting on auto pilot. David O’ Hara plays Shivas, who is supposed to be some mysterious fellow he ends up playing this round with. Who says all these philosophical sounding phrases that if you think about them, are not really that much philosophical and lacking depth. The scenes are so badly lit; you may as well not even watch and just listen. Everyone seems to spout nicely quoted crap that tries to make golf seem like a religious experience. Which really gets old after a few minutes, but they keep it going for way longer than they should. This film seems like a very tragic comedy of errors more than a film itself.

This film spouts new age wisdom and beliefs on a sport that is played mostly by the rich of our society. It tries to mix a sport with beliefs, which fails. People who love golf will hate this film, or maybe mildly like it? People who like new age books and films will love this film. This film is so badly lit and so overly preachy, that I am so shocked that major food chains like Chick Fil A and places like Books a Million do not sell this on their front counter. This is safe, it is PG there is nothing even remotely a threat to kids in this film. This is just some wholesome messed up beliefs and philosophies that they are trying to push on us in the guise of Golf. This film to me is like preaching to the perverted. A total boring waste, and it has a great cast like Julian Sands and the above mentioned and others, but it is so just such a waste of time.

1 out of 10