Movie Review-Famine

Plot-Welcome to Sloppy Secondary school, where the guys are either talking about sex or masturbating to it and the girls dress like a lawsuit waiting to happen to a teacher. For the first time in a few years they are doing a 24 hour Famine charity event for school credit. The last time this event was held, popular teacher Mr. Balzack was the victim of an acid bath following him trying to get with high school nerd Cathy. Well, Ms Vickers is in charge of this Famine, and one by one the students start missing. Is this Mr Balzack coming back to get his revenge or is someone else behind it? How many schools do you know that promote anorexia and have posters telling people “Don’t be a fat fuck”? You have teachers named Carpenter and Spinell, you have a school called Sloppy Secondary, a character named Balzack, and a school that women are hot and people die violently, it can only be the latest film from the godfather of adult gore, Ryan Nicholson.

Review-Famine is the statement Ryan Nicholson needed to make. This is easily his best film to date. Famine seems to borrow bits and pieces from all of his previous films but also shows Ryan has a few new tricks. Nothing can quite prepare you for the last 15 minutes of this film. This film is non-apologetic, dark humored, sexual, hateful, vile, violent and gory beyond any words I can type, but from start to finish this is just Ryan’s take on the slasher film done only in a style that Ryan can pull off. I think of all the directors in our horror genre, Ryan is the most misunderstood that most of the people who hate his films more than likely have not fully watched one and just based their opinions off someone else who probably did not watch one either. My biggest fear with last year’s Bleading Lady was that Ryan was maturing and trying to break away from the genre into a more intense horror and less gore direction. I clearly did not get the memo when Famine came out, that Ryan is back being that sick twisted man that fans like me always seem to want to see what they are up to next. With Famine, he created a film that could be a teen comedy in the vein of Porky’s with gore in the vein of Gutterballs.

We learn early in the film that this Famine school sleepover will not be good for all involved. We got the spazz nerd girl Cathy, who is played by Beth Cantor who steals every scene she is. She reminded me of Gilda Radner in those old Saturday Night Live skits. And when we learn about what happened at the last Famine that caused Mr. Balzack to get his acid bath, it is just utter ridiculous. Michelle Sabiene plays Vickers who is the new teacher who does Famine for the first time, and this is the first time in years for the kids. She had this dry approach to her acting that made her scenes just seem like she was insulting and cold to the characters more than friendly. Like one of those women who may not say it, but you feel she is trying to tell you she is too good for you. Of course most of the kids at this school are either rude, or so juvenile that you want anything bad that can happen to happen to them. Which was part of the appeal of this film, the dialogue was just utter joke after joke and it was so dark and yet cruel, that you find yourself laughing and before you can feel bad about it, you get kills.

If you are familiar with Ryan Nicholson, you may already have made up your mind if this film is for you or not. I will say this, forget what you know or think you know and give this film a shot. Ryan really delivers all the things we love in the slasher film genre, kills with tons of blood, lewd jokes, fun characters and nudity. Also I was really impressed by the soundtrack to this film, the music fit the mood. Famine is Ryan Nicholson’s masterpiece. Ryan Nicholson is back.

9 out of 10