Movie Review-Family Demons

Billie is a teenage girl whose mom is an alcoholic. Billie has gone thru a life of mental and physical abuse from her mom, one night when a fight goes wrong, Billie accidentally kills her. Well, Billie soon finds out you cannot keep a dead mom from haunting you.

This is clearly a film that you should not make up your mind about seeing based on the cover. This is a family drama, more than some paranormal fright fest. While the ghost element does come into play during the film, it is not that much to get excited about. This film centers on the first scene of the film, we see Billie in the backyard burying a body into the ground. Then, from there we go into how we got to that scene. So for the first 45 minutes to 50 minutes, it is basically a family abuse drama. Billie wants to be like any other girl and her mom won’t let her, she will talk down to her, beat her and chain her up like a dog in the basement. Enter the boy next door, who has a crush on Billie, when he goes with Billie around the half hour mark of the film to the hospital for her mom, they come up with a plan to just escape and get away.

Around this time we start to get a glimpse of a ghost that is haunting Billie, but again you have 15 minutes of a ghost just walking around, there are no ghost kills or even a fear that the ghost will do any harm. To call this film a slow burn would be like calling The Raid: Redemption an action film. This film goes at a pace that seems to be reaching and stretching for material. The acting was average at times, and the story was ok to a point but it tried to create suspense with this atmospheric story line that really felt like every other abuse film we have seen.

Then they had the nuts to give you a twist that made zero to no sense. The romantic scenes with her and the neighbor boy seemed silly, because the whole time before that she avoided him and could not care less. This film tries so hard to build drama on un-necessary situations that seem to be put into this film for no other reason but to manipulate you into caring and putting your time into this character. They have a 10 minute chase scene where Billie is being chased by potential rapists that just seemed so out of place. And how in the hell is she a teenager, Billie looked every bit in her mid-20’s. She could not pass as a teenager, unless you are single and think she would hook you up to lie to her.

All in all, what can be said the film was ok in a degree but asked so much of this viewer. I would rather this film live up to the cover hype then try to throw me curveballs in the end to think it fooled me. If you’re in the mood to watch a girl get deprived food and beaten, you may mildly entertain yourself with this title. If you are looking for a ghost movie, this may not be your film.

4 out of 10