Movie Review-Deadly Renovations

Plot-20 years ago there was a robbery. Donald stashed 10 million dollars in a hotel called Hotel Del Sol and the money was never recovered. Well, he is out of jail now and with the assistance of the cop who arrested him, and a small time crook they are out to find the cash in that hotel. Well it just so happens that same day, a group of people buy the hotel and decide to renovate it. Now add to the mix that there is a third party who is killing off the people one by one to find the money as is Donald and their group.

Review-The film is a slow build but when it does get going has some decent payoffs for the patience. Films like this, you know the acting will not be Oscar caliber, but this is the horror genre do we expect people to give us Oscar acting? What we watch films like this for is the characters and the violent gore. The characters in this film for the most part were tolerable; the killing in this film was really very well done. I pretty much assume the entire budget was spent on the kills, and it shows. They were very top notch. This film also showed a lot of balls, it gave you some well thought out curve balls that make you think they were paying attention as to how to surprise us.

They also mastered in the period of 90 minutes the most scenes that tried to get us to jump, I won’t say they succeeded, but they tried. The hotel they tried to build a Shining meets a makeover show vibe, and at times it worked and at others it did not. They also threw a curve ball involving a 4th entity in the mix that made zero to no sense, until they explained it later in the film like the ending ten minutes. While the characters in the film were tolerable to a degree the script was pretty much flat to dead. The ending twenty minutes or so, is so drawn out and overplayed, it got to the point that it started to feel like they were stalling and just kept getting more and more redundant.

It has a good enough cast with DJ Perry, Terence Knox and Lana Wood among many others. The problem was that they really had nothing to work with script wise, so the acting cannot be faulted as much as the script can, you can only do so much with so little. So the first half hour to 40 minute mark was really hard to sit thru from situations that involved all these people being under one roof, and they cannot hear when someone screams, to who dated who and who is friends, which tried to make the film seem deep and create backstories but they were so ridiculous.

So, basically the first half of the film is pretty hard to get thru, the second half of the film while very confusing at times was at least manageable because of all the killing and just payoffs to the first half. The final twenty minutes was so long, it seemed like an hour. The final scene in the film not sure what the meaning was, if this is setting up a new story, a sequel or just some smartly thought out ending that will have us thinking we watched a film that was better than it was, any way you slice it, the ending felt like a desperate attempt at trying to create something that should have been created much earlier in this film.
I did not hate the film, nor will I ever watch it again but once the film got thru the slow burn of the beginning to the midpoint of the film, it felt to find its voice and footing and at least gave us some goodness to really sink our teeth into.

This film is not a total fail, it had a lot of heart and at least some thought out moments that made me think the director really gave us something he is at least proud of, and for that I think some people may have more fun with this than others. If you are a fan of the low budget indie thrillers, you will like this one. If you are expecting a Hollywood production, you may want to go rent Seven or something, this is not for you.

6.5 out of 10