Movie Review-Deadline

Plot-Every house has its past as Kyle and Sarah will soon find out when they move into a renovated house in the Hollywood Hills. Little does our young couple know that ten years earlier there was a double homicide that happened in this house and then the house burnt down to the ground. Well they soon do realize that the house is haunted by the spirits of the last tenants who Sarah seems dead set to find out about what caused the house to burn down and kill the two people who lived there before.

Review-This film was an interesting watch, it sucks you in almost immediately with an opening sequence that you witness a double homicide and a masked assailant burning their house down. When we meet the new residents, you see the realtor not tell them what truly happened in the house, but you know eventually they will find out. Which, in a positive the film does not give you everything in one scene, it really builds the story up. You also learn watching this film that no one is what they appear to be. From cops who are decorated and proud members of the community who are stealing money and drugs, and killing people they view as trash, to people who may be unfaithful to their lovers, every character in this film has some kind of double meaning that I really felt for a debut director showed smarts in creating complex characters that everything is not spelled out for you or easy to figure out. The horror element of this film was non-existent. There was killing, and a supernatural ghost story, but it really was more psychological than Hostel.

This film while it had a lot of promise and positive things, it also had its share of shortcomings and negatives. The final twenty minutes was predictable and you could see it coming from a mile away. While the scene was well acted and fun to watch play out, it was predictable and I was thinking for a film that tried to be so smart in its approach and characters, that it would have not went on the obvious route. In the end when the credits roll across the screen, what did all the supernatural stuff, the dreams, and the visions, truly mean? They almost seemed like an afterthought when the finale went down. If you choose to use that route you have to follow thru with it, you cannot just abandon it, in favor of an ending that you think will satisfy an audience.

If you cut out about 13 minutes of the graphic stuff and the female nudity in the opening minutes, this almost plays like a Lifetime film. You have the female ghost who wants revenge and speaks to another female to find out the puzzle and solve the murder. The script was average; the characters were hit and miss. I like the cops; I thought they really made the subplot to the film really matter just as much as the main plot. Who does not want to see some rogue cops beat up and kill drug dealers and men who abuse women and harm kids? This film has a few scenes that I felt were un-necessary and made the film drag in certain spots, like the scene that involved the drug dealers and the tiger. For a first time director I have seen better, but also I have seen a lot worst. The film really tried and for that I thought for what I watched it was not that bad at all. It needed a little fine tuning here and there, but in the end, it kept my attention and really showed some potential.

7 out of 10