Movie Review-Coffin

Plot-What would you do if a masked stranger reveals to you that he has your wife and her lover buried underground in a coffin and you have 75 minutes to give him half a million dollars or else? Well Jack Samms has this predicament and with the help of his friend Garrison he has to play a game with the masked stranger while trying to save his unfaithful wife and her lover.

Review-When you see the cover to this film or even think about its plot, you automatically assume it will be a low-budget take on Buried. Beside the person being trapped underground that is the only thing in common the two have. This film is easily the best film Kevin Sorbo has done in a very long time. Which is not saying too much when all he does is sit inside a coffin and act scared throughout? This film has a decent enough script and average acting to poor but in the end does feel like a Saw clone minus the blood, fun and violence.

The film revolves around a cheating wife and Kevin being trapped underground and trying to create a tension and peril that they try to make you feel as if you were in that coffin with them. At times that works, and at others it does feel hokey like when the coffin seems to start gathering water and flooding, it felt like they were trying too hard to create a peril that it felt a little too much. While all this is going on the husband is either on a hunt for them, trying to get the money and also playing this sadistic game with Jigsaw wanna be Trick while being given a tv to watch the peril they are going thru.

This film creates enough intrigue and mystery that you are drawn somewhat into the story just to see how it will play out in the end, and if you think you know how this film will end like I did, you will be really drawn in more now knowing that it has a twist or two along the way.

The sadistic stanger who goes by the name Trick, really tries his best to be Jigsaw esque and at times it works and at others it did feel a little too much. This film seemed like if Saw was on a crime show. This film is not a bad film -it just was not a great one. I can see this film being played on SyFy within months of this review, and if that is the case I would say to watch it, or maybe rent it. I did like the twist that this film offered; I just hated how it played out once they went that route. This film just seemed so desperate and trying to play smart, when it felt dumb. All in all, I thought it would be a rip off of Buried, never thought it would feel like a Saw lite.

6 out of 10