Movie Review-Black Devil Doll

Plot-Mubia Abul-Jama is a serial killer who also happens to be a black civil rights activist as well. The film starts off with us witnessing him be put to death in jail. Well, a young woman one night fools around with an Ouija board and the end result is Mubia being transformed into a black devil doll. Now that he is a doll, he is back to his old ways of killing and sex.

Review-This is a film that defines what a cult classic is all about. This film offends you before the film even starts, you get to watch a piracy message that is unlike any other piracy message you have ever seen. From there we lead into the rating of the film, which again does its damndest to either make you laugh hard or so offended that you would not want to watch this film. This is before the film even gets to a menu screen. How about this for a special feature to this film, you get to watch this with an audience reaction commentary of the premiere showing.

This film is 100 percent exploitation trash, and it is not ashamed of it. The acting in this film is awful, but that added to the charm of this film. The racist dialogue at times got a little insulting but you know that was what the intention was. This film is not here to play nice and it shows throughout with its nasty, cruel, demeaning and evil racist overtones. Heather falls in love with the puppet, and then the puppet informs her that he wants more than just her, so she brings her friends over to hang out and that is when the film really wanted to see just how far it could go. Trust me this film earned the X rating it got. The kills in the film were well shot, and the humor of this film was funny at times but in other times it did feel like the same old jokes. How many times can you call a woman a “cracker bitch” and it is still funny?

I like the majority of what this film had to offer, and lord knows I have now seen it 4 times but I just wish that Jonathan Lewis would have put just as much emphasis on acting and script like he did sex and the racial overtones. If you never seen this film before, you should at least watch it one time, hell buy it, you can watch it with a group of friends it would be the perfect film to watch at a party setting. To think this film is now 5 years old and it is still being discussed and trying to spark a second life on dvd speaks volumes. Thinking about how hard times are for us right now as a country and a planet, we need films like this that can make us laugh and forget our lives for a moment and watch a puppet have sex with women. Watching this film and seeing White-T who was played by one of the Boone brothers, makes me miss Brawlin’ Broads even more now. All in all this is a film that could never loosen up our uptight country but it is a film that will give you something whether negative or positive to talk about.

7.5 out of 10

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