Movie Review-Bigfoot

Welcome to Deadwood, South Dakota who are hosting an 80’s rock fest for the locals and when they try to clear out the woods to do this event they have got more they bargained for when Bigfoot shows up. This is one of those SyFy made for tv and Asylum films, you may know the type. If not, read on you will get an education and if so, just read anyway and make me happy.

I have noticed in the last few of these SyFy Asylum films they try to reunite former rivals who have some kind of turbulent past. Last time it was Deborah Gibson and Tiffany. This time it is Danny Bonaduce and Barry Williams. I remember watching Bonaduce school him in that Celebrity boxing show in the early 2000’s. Now, they are playing rivals once again. This is the part I am supposed to tear the film up, but you know what as bad as it was, it entertained me and had me laughing. This film is just bat shit insane, and the cameo by Alice Cooper alone should be seen to be believed. Also note, I have no idea who was in the Alice Cooper band, but the backup band alone was just utter ridiculous, they looked like the night shift at Lowe’s.

Let’s go thru this casting, remember that film in the 80’s Longtime Companion and how it got all that praise, and Oscar and we all thought Bruce Davison was going to soar into a Richard Gere stratosphere? Well, he is here directing and costarring in this film. Who else, we have Howard Hesseman who is playing the corrupt mayor; Sherilyn Fenn plays a police officer, I did not recognize her at first, it has been so long since I watched a film she was in. What around 21 years since Twins Peaks, and almost as long for Boxing Helena. Alice Cooper playing himself, and of course the Brady and Partridge kids are in this. It seems that some of the jabs that Danny makes on Barry in the film that he says he banged his mom, sounds like it a cheap shot about Barry sleeping with his TV mom Florence Henderson back in the day.

The Bigfoot itself looks hokey as you would guess it would, and at times is laugh out loud. The storyline is that Barry and his daughter are out to save the forest and preserve Bigfoot and Danny wants to capture Bigfoot and make money off it being a monument. I wish some of the scenes with the two guys being Danny and Barry would have had more bite, besides lame mom jokes and a dialogue that was horrible to the point that you had to laugh at it. But, in terms of what else these made for SyFy films have put out, this was not as bad as I thought it would be. I am a sucker for cheese, and I find humor in just the stupidest things. I felt that not one character really would brag about their part in this film, and more than likely most did this just to have their name out again.

Half way thru this film, it flipped the script. It felt like it went in a more King Kong vein, and god did Fenn not work good with what she was given during the chase scene with Barry in the car with her. That dialogue back and forth, followed with Bonaduce and some bounty hunter in the air trying to kill it was just so absurd, and fun for all the wrong reasons. This film entertained me more than I will admit to, and to know I would watch this again with friends and play a drinking game and do some MST3K deal with it makes this film worth at least renting. This film is bad, cheese and just utterly funny for all the wrong reasons, but I had a blast with how bad it was and how bad the acting was. This is not a cult classic but it is camp enough.

7 out of 10