Movie Review-Attack of the Herbals

Coming to home video on September 4th

Plot-The Nazi’s have invented this drug that comes in the form of an exotic tea. The drug was made to create the perfect killing machine soldiers. Well, the experiments had some bad side effects and turned people instead into zombies. So they box this herbal tea in a crate and throw it out to sea. Well, when the crate washes ashore in Lobster Cove some of the locals find it, and one named Jackson decides he can sell it and help his family make money. Well, the townsfolk’s soon get very addicted to this tea and at first it seems innocent enough, but then the side effects of the community start to come out, can Jackson stop them? Could this be Scotland’s answer to Shaun of the Dead?

Review-This film has elements of Shaun of the Dead and Doghouse all over it. This is more comedy based then horror. I had fun with this film, I thought for what it offered it was harmless fun. The tea starts to take its side effects around the 45 minute mark, and you get some good zombie fun. What I liked about this film was the heart it had, this film was not afraid to just have fun. There is a scene in this film where one of the characters is in a wheelchair and he is being chased by an older woman zombie in a shopping buggy, and they made it this silly chase sequence that was goofy and will get a good laugh out of you guys. But, the characters in this film were very well acted and shined. The script seemed like it wanted to create its humor more from the mannerisms then the actual dialogue, and it worked.

The negatives, I wish the zombies would have played a bigger part in this film, but I won’t complain too much, I did like the characters and dialogue, but I felt that maybe introduce the zombies about 15 minutes earlier, would have been cool. The last ten minutes of the film seemed to lose steam and tried so hard to crawl to the finish line. I did like they did not go with the obvious ending I was expecting that they sort of thought outside of the box. Some of the jokes were a miss, and they tried to milk the misses like the scene about cussing in church, it just fell flat and sort of killed some of the momentum.

Now, those negatives aside this was still a fun film. I won’t go run up and tell the world on the mountain that this is the second coming of Shaun of the Dead. But, I will say if you liked Jake West’s Doghouse, then this film may be your cup of tea. (Excuse the pun) I think this could make a fun double feature with Juan of the Dead. Both films have so much heart and such a fun time, that I think fans would really have fun with this little indie film.

8 out of 10