Movie Review-Apart

Plot-What if you woke up one day from a coma with no memory of anything and had to relearn everything in life again like walking and talking? Noah finds himself in this predicament as the movie begins. He awakens from a coma in a strange place and people telling him stories of a past he cannot remember. We learn there was a terrible fire that claims the life of his dad, but somehow Noah survived. As Noah’s story is told to us in flashbacks we learn of a love he had before the accident, that he soon has to search for named Emily. Emily shares a bond with him called psychological phenomenon known as induced delusional disorder, and he is now trying to figure out the pieces of the puzzle that led him to that coma, and caused the fire.

Review-This film was perhaps the biggest surprise of 2012. Looking at this dvd cover and watching the trailer I really did not think this film would be for me, but this film was really something special. It comes across as a psychological thriller, but it plays out like a romance. Talk about a film that will sucker you in, and you won’t see it coming. The first ten minutes of the film set up the premise, we learn that Noah is waking up from a coma, and that things do not seem as they appear. This film in the beginning creates suspense by you being completely as in the dark about what is going on, as is Noah.

This film does not spell it out for you easy, it makes you think and guess and assume. And then, makes you reassume and re-guess as to who is who and what is going on. The film plays like a very careful constructed puzzle that is just genius. It gives you a few little blood scenes here and there, nothing beyond a nose bleed. This film I will put in the same category as I did last year’s Another Earth, as this is something so different and unique that for the balls alone it took to pull this idea off, this film is worth recommending. The main characters Noah and Emily were excellent, they were written brilliantly. The script is solid and very bold in its direction. This film gives you a concept that is so out there, that you have to commend this film for at least keeping this energy and passion going from first reel to credits, there was not one moment that is wasted in this film.

This film has so much going for it that it is a shame, that I saw this on dvd and not at a movie theater. This film in a theater could be magic. Hell, this film on HBO at 3am this could be the second coming of Donnie Darko to an extent. It is not anything like Donnie Darko in terms of film, I think in terms of feel and different for its time, this film has a lot in common with the movie. At the end of the year, you will be hearing about this film again. What a very odd movie that was really so incredible to watch.

8.5 out of 10