Metal Review: The Forsaken – Beyond Redemption (2012)

The Forsaken - Beyond RedemptionLandskrona, Sweden-based The Forsaken are back with their fourth full-length release, Beyond Redemption. With 15 years under their belt, you would have to think that they are doing something right, and with Beyond Redemption, they are exposed for the death metal beast that they are. With heavy influences of death metal mixed with some elements of thrash metal, black metal and melodic death metal, The Forsaken is out to prove that they are a band to be reckoned with.

When I hear The Forsaken, my mind is drawn to At the Gates. That is not a bad thing in any way since The Forsaken does plenty to set themselves apart from any other death metal band out there. Their execution of heavy riffs and timely gutteral vocals are as sharp as a knife and the tone of the album is simply unrelenting. There is never a letdown of ferocity throughout each well thought out track.

THE FORSAKEN formed in 1997, initially under the moniker of Septic Breed. Following several demos, lineup changes and the name change, the band signed with Century Media for the release of their 2001 debut album Manifest Of Hate, their 2002 follow-up Arts Of Desolation and 2003’s Traces Of The Past. The band parted ways with the label in 2009, and following another personnel shift, began the construction of their now pending fourth album Beyond Redemption, through new label home Masssacre Records.

Following its successful release in Europe in recent weeks, Beyond Redemption will be available to North American metallers on August 14th.

Beyond Redemption Tracklist:
01. Beyond Redemption
02. Only Hell Remains
03. Foul Messianic Grace
04. No Dawn Awaits
05. There Is No God
06. As We Burn
07. Reap As We Have Sown
08. The Light Divine
09. Force Fed Repentance
10. Blessed With Wrath

The Forsaken Lineup:
Patrik Persson – guitars, backing vocals
Anders Sj̦holm Рvocals
Stefan Berg – bass guitar
Nicke Grabowski – drums
Calle Fäldt – guitars, backing vocals

The Forsaken