Metal Review: Nuclear Death Terror – Chaos Reigns (2012)

Nuclear Death Terror - Chaos ReignsHailing from Denmark’s capital city of Copenhagen, death/crust metal band Nuclear Death Terror brings us their most recent work, Chaos Reigns, where the bands hooks up with Southern Lord to bring us their compilation album of songs from several of their vinyl releases.

Nuclear Death Terror mixes elements of crust punk bands Amebix and Discharge with slightly heavier tones of some death metal bands. Throughout the entire album, you see the terror that Nuclear Death Terror has unleashed since 2003. The album is a true mix of tones and feelings that display the range that the band can cover. Tempos vary greatly between tracks. Songs like Total Annihilation, which is aptly titled, are brought to you at breakneck speed, but most of the songs are mid-tempo with some type of groove to them.

While it will not make my top ten list of the year, it is a decent release that should be checked out, and if you are a fan of punk metal bands, you should be all over this one.