Metal Review: Borgne – Royaume des Ombres

Borgne - Royaume des OmbresWhile I love black metal, and am actually open to more recent bands’ spin on black metal, I do realize that it is a hit or miss genre at best. The bands that hit, bring it hard and heavy and make an album that means a lot to me. The ones that miss, end up embarassing themselves with their failed attempt at a genre that is much more about substance than they realize. An example of a recent band that did it well was Eastern Front. Their latest release was just a killer album from front to back. While it sounds nothing akin to black metal bands of old, their take is a breath of fresh air in a genre of metal that rarely changes.

Swiss band Borgne brings us their mix on black metal and atmospheric metal with the release of Royaume des Ombres. As hinted on the release of Entraves de l’Âm, their sound has taken that dark turn with more intricate patterns in the melodies while keeping it heavy and real. The songs drone when they need to and are atmospheric when they need to be. Overall, Royaume des Ombres is a major hit in a land of a lot of misses. Enjoy the hell out of this one because I sure do.

Royaume des Ombres Track Listing:
01. Fall of the Lost Souls
02. Suffer As I Paid My Grave
03. In the Realm of the Living I’m Dead
04. Only the Dead Can Be Heard
05. All These Screams Through Me
06. The Last Things You Will See

Run Time: 59:54
Release Date: June 12, 2012