Metal Review: Blacklodge – MachinatioN (2012)

Blacklodge - MachinatioNHailing from Villard-de-Lans, France, MachinatioN is Blacklodge’s fourth full-length album, but my introduction to this band. Seeing as though I have been into French metal a lot these days, I am surprised that I have not come across Blacklodge.

Blacklodge’s sound is somewhat original as they are are merging a classic black metal sound with a few thrash elements and including a heavy dose of industrial. It is clear that the band was trying to capturing that raw, classic black metal sound. In a way, they did, but for the most part, it was just poor production, and it makes the album a tough listen. To be honest, the album sounds as if it is littered with musical mistakes. The technical sound of the music is just far too over the top and does not mix well with the idea of their classic black metal sound.

Listen to the opening of Industrial Temple MysticA and you will see what I mean right off the bat. They are forcing the black metal sound and it just sounds like they are making mistakes on the riffs. Once the song kicks in though, it has some nice elements to it. I do applaud them for taking that chance.

If you can get by the poor production values, I am sure that Blacklodge will be able to find themselves a decent fanbase with MachinatioN. It is definitely not my style. I like my black metal and I like my industrial, but they sound horrible together. I had high hopes for this one when I read the synopsis, but it really fell flat for me. I actually do not review albums that I am not into very often, and the only reason that I am writing about MachinatioN is that it will be right up someone’s alley.

MachinatioN Track Listing:
1. TridenT
2. NeutroN ShivA [Sun, Walk with Me!]
3. Neo.Black.Magic
4. Industrial Temple MysticA
5. Antichrist Ex Machina
6. Order of the Baphomet
7. Empire’s Hymn
8. All Seeing Eye
9. Culto al Sol [SolarKult]
10. The Other Side

Blacklodge Line-up:
Saint Vincent –  vox, guitar, machines
AcidJess – bass
Narcotic – guitar