KITTIE – Not So… Safe Compilation Coming In September—also some Kittie news

Rumors are saying that after this greatest hits that Kittie will be going back sort of to the original line up with Fallon Bowman coming back aboard after her stints with Pigface and Amphibious Assault. Talena, as a lot of people know is in a bitter legal battle with the sisters so we know she is not going to be coming back as bassist. Maybe on and off again Trish Doan sticking around? We shall see…


‘Paper Doll’
‘What I Always Wanted’
‘Run Like Hell’
‘Safe’ (KMFDM Inc. Remix)
‘Into The Darkness’
‘Look So Pretty’
‘Cut Throat’
‘My Plague’
‘Do You Think…’ (Live)

Kittie is: Mercedes Lander (drums, vocals, piano), Morgan Lander (lead vocals, guitar), Tara McLeod (guitar) and Trish Doan (bass guitar).