Joe Dante’s THE HOLE coming soon

SYNOPSIS: From director Joe Dante comes a 3D thriller that explores the fears and secrets buried deep within the human mind. After moving into a new neighborhood, brothers Dane and Lucas, along with their neighbor Julie, discover a bottomless hole in the basement of their home. They find that once the hole is exposed, evil is unleashed. With strange shadows lurking around every corner and nightmares coming to life, they are forced to come face to face with their darkest fears to put an end to the mystery of THE HOLE.


EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Chris Bender, J.C. Spink, Gary Michael Walters

PRODUCERS: Michel Litvak and David Lancaster

WRITER: Mark L. Smith

CAST: Chris Massoglia, Haley Bennett, Nathan Gamble, with Bruce Dern and Teri Polo.

DISTRIBUTOR: Big Air Studios

THE HOLE will be in theaters September 28, 2012 and Available on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD on October 2, 2012