DVD Review-Dexter Season 6

Dexter Season 6 is basically focused on Dexter having to confront religion and faith. If you are not familiar with whom Dexter Morgan is, let me give you a brief re-cap. Dexter is a serial killer who kills the ills of society who just happens to do blood work for the police department as part of the forensics team. The people in Dexter’s life like his sister Deborah, who works for the department as well and his colleagues are all clueless as to who Dexter truly is. Before, Dexter kills someone he makes them ponder on what they did wrong and gets a blood sample from them for his blood slide collection he keeps. Each season, Dexter is faced with another dilemma, whether it is a person he is having trouble trying to kill or that he lets someone get involved in his life like a lover or maybe a friend. So far, we have witness Dexter having to face his brother, getting married and becoming a family man, and last year meeting a dark passenger soul mate just like him. Who became his accomplice for a little while. Now, all that is behind us and we are now watching Dexter’s son Harrison growing up and Dexter starting to question faith and religion. Which if you are a fan of the show, religion and faith were always talked about in passing from certain people Dexter was about to kill, but this season it dedicated the whole season to this.

While rumors were coming fast and furious about Michael and Jennifer who play brother and sister on the show, going thru a bad divorce and that they had problems on the set all the time, it never really showed. Of all the Dexter seasons this was the one that took the longest to really get the ball rolling. The first few episodes focused around this odd bond which later turns into a curious suspicion of a character played by Mos Def named Brother Sam. The first episodes are also about Brother Sam trying to help Dexter, save him and tell him how God changed him to make Sam ease off his past or dark passenger. But, the whole time Dexter is trying to change, there is a new threat to the area named The Doomsday Killer. Which we find out are actually two killers- a teacher and a student, who especially target women based on biblical text.

Possible spoilers ahead..

I am a huge Dexter fan, and this season to me took so long to get going but trust me around episode 6 when it finally got going, it never stopped and finished with one of the endings that fans are really anxious to see what happens this season. As we went from Season 5 to 6, we fast-forwarded a year and so much had happened, and to start Season 6 like that was such a mistake that was so confusing, so someone is divorced and someone is broke up, and out of left field all these things happened when we were gone on break. It was a little too much to ask us to follow, but again once we did catch up to the writers, the rest of the season and the promise of what is ahead are going to be something. Season 7 looks like we will be confronted with issues like incest and maybe a new serial killer called The Collector? If you are a fan, and own the other seasons this is also a must buy, Edward James Olmos and Colin Hanks as The Doomsday Killers was really fun, and the hope that the police force has two serial killers working there, interests me.

I know a lot of people share my sediment, how does cable get horror right with shows like True Blood, Walking Dead and Dexter and regular television cannot get it right no matter what they give us these days? If you have no other reason to have Showtime on your cable bill or satellite bill, this is the biggest selling point. Dexter is for television today what the original Night Stalker was for television in the 70’s. Slow start, awesome second half, this is must see stuff especially for what is coming in late September.

8.5 out of 10