Dream Concerts: W.A.S.P.

I have been following Mike and James’ current top ten song list that they started and while laughing at Mike not including War Machine or Deuce on his top ten Kiss songs (not even honorable mention) it gave me an idea to list my dream concert set lists. I figure 15 songs + 3 for the encore. Let’s start with W.A.S.P.

W.A.S.P.1.    I Wanna be Somebody – Let’s open the show by just blowing shit up and hitting this classic right off the bat. I am never late for a concert so you straglers are fucked!
2.    Animal – I love it when bands just come out with a massive one-two punch and get the crowd insane.
3.    Easy Livin’ – W.A.S.P. are the heavy metal kings of covers in my opinion. This is one of my faves.
4.    Blind in Texas – Love the Last Command Album. Expect more.
5.    The Heretic (The Lost child) – Song brings back lots of drunken memories!
6.    Black Forever – Great song.
7.    Arena of Pleasure – Here come the Crimson Idol songs!
8.    Chainsaw Charlie – So fucking great!
9.    The Idol – More drunken memories
10.    The Great Misconceptions of Me – Ending the 4 song Crimson Idol blitz.
11.    Sleeping (In The Fire) – Another great Ballad.
12.    Rebel in the FDG – Rockin tune.
13.    Cries in the Night – One of my favs
14.    The Last Command – What can I say I love that fucking album!
15.    Mean Man – Another great tune off The Headless Children


1.    I Don’t Need No Doctor – Another great cover!
2.    I’m Alive –Forgotten tune off Electric Circus that I love.
3.    Wild Child – Leave with the opening track of my fav W.A.S.P. album

Clearly I had to leave a lot off but this is my dream concert. The last few W.A.S.P. albums have not clicked with me and it is always the songs you grow up with that stick with you.


  • JamesD

    A W.A.S.P setlist cool concept. I have seen them live once and thought they were very good. You know fans are going to want this song and that song, god a concert set list without The Real Me, Forever Free, and L.O.V.E Machine and no Manimal or Scream Until you Like it is blasphemy. I would be down to do a show for the whole Headless Children cd like Priest did with British Steel.

  • And, BTW, for anyone who shits on W.A.S.P., you don’t know Jack.

  • Amazing list, and by the way. I’m Alive is not forgotten in my book. One of the best song on Circus except for the title track, Doctor, Easy Livin’ and The Rock Rolls On (yeah… I said it).

    Very surprised that you left out The Headless Children though. I really do not know if my setlist would be drastically different though, although if we included B-sides I would include When the Levee Breaks, Locomotive Breath and Paint it Black.

    Very nice list.