Devin Townsend Project Release New Song Lucky Animals and is Making Fan-Submitted Video

Devin Townsend ProjectDevin Townsend Project’s new track Lucky Animals is now streaming online. Check it out below. The song will be featured on the new upcoming album Epicloud due out on September 18th in North America and September 24th in Europe via InsideOut. Devin Townsend is also asking fans to submit their own video clips to be included in the video for the song.

Devin explains: “Ok, here’s the introduction to this process of making an ‘audience participation’ video. Sorry about the audio levels here… ugh. Anyways, as stated in the video, I will post all the website, upload, download and legal stuff in the next week or so. The parameters are pretty simple, just have fun. This isn’t meant to be a heavy sentiment. It’s summer, lets just enjoy ourselves for a moment. I can’t see there being a ton of submissions (not that its a contest, which it isn’t…) but how much of your submissions get used depend on the amount we get. We may end up doing several videos… who knows? This whole thing is a crap shoot (this whole album is risky for me I think…) but really? It’s just supposed to be a hoot. So enjoy yourselves. Oh, and check them legs eh? …seen better legs danglin’ out of a nest… More info soon! Thanks for the support, and I look forward to you being able to hear more than this song… the record is pretty sweet I think. Dev.”