Blu Ray review-The Walking Dead Season 2

Bonus Features Include:
•Audio Commentaries with Cast and Crew on Episodes 1, 7, 8, 11 and 13
•6 Webisodes
•8 Deleted Scenes
•11 Never-Before-Seen Featurettes:

1. All The Guts Inside – Featurette
2. Live or Let Die – Featurette
3. The Meat Of The Music – Featurette
4. Fire On The Set – Featurette
5. The Ink Is Alive – Featurette
6. The Sound Of The Effects – Featurette
7. In The Dead Water – Featurette
8. You Could Make A Killing – Featurette
9. She Will Fight – Featurette
10. The Cast On Season 2 – Featurette
11. Extra Wardrobe – Featurette

Coming out August 28th

I will start this review off by saying there will be mild spoilers in this review. AMC has really done the right thing by giving this show the freedom to really do what it wants to do without stepping in. That being said, the first season to me was really a strong start and a weak finish, this season was the exact opposite. Like Dexter this season, Walking Dead got off to a slow start, the first half of the season was dedicated to the search for Sophia, I felt that this could have been summed up in 2 episodes or less, but they decided to stretch it out for half the season where each episode they keep on searching and tensions start to rise between one another and people start showing their true colors, that this group seems destined to be dividing. Sophia’s disappearance in all honesty derailed our group en route to Fort Benning. Instead of still going forward on the move they instead searched for a missing girl and always questioned this decision but no one ever stepped up and did something about it. Seriously, at what point do you throw your arms up and give up? Carl gets shot, patched up and healed in the first half of this season and learns a lesson. The positive to this slow start was the character depth we got; we got to know our main characters more. And why is everyone on this show so ignorant of the apocalypse they are facing? During this search, they meet Herschel, and the family who has all this land and a mysterious farmhouse. Herschel takes the group in for a brief stay, and helps Rick take care of his son when he is shot, but makes it known he does not want Rick or the others to stay there and the faster they leave the better. Well, as the first half of season two starts to draw to a close, we soon learn that Herschel has a dark secret he has kept walkers (aka zombies) in his barn. And in a flash we learn that Sophia is one of them, and now the decision is made whether she deserves to die or live. I thought it was such a letdown all that build up for so many episodes and just a brief afterthought to close this chapter.

With the second half of the season, what negative I felt going into it left within an episode. The second half of the season is must watch television. Just like the last season of Dexter it picked up in a huge way and kept it going to the end. The Walking Dead this season created a lot of scenarios of mutiny, of traitors, of being selfish and sacrificing others to survive. We learn about a pregnancy that has the people torn because they are not sure who the father of the child is. We see how desperate people become when they are in fear of dying or no hope. Herschel and Rick also discover that they are not the only survivors, there are others who they try to avoid and get rid of because according to them there are already too many to take care of with just them, they do not trust anyone else to join their group or need them.

Now people like me who have really been paying attention to the Talking Dead tell us about the underlining meaning of each episode seems to notice that Rick has always been so quick to kill young girl walkers, almost faster than any other walkers. Which leads us the viewer to think the baby will be his, and it will be a little girl. When Shane tells people that Rick is not built for this world, you almost see the writing on the wall for what will happen. Talk about an ending that gave us fans a lot to talk about. If you are any kind of Walking Dead fan, and you saw the last 30 seconds of Season 2 and was not stoked about what is coming in Season 3, you may need to re-watch this season again, knowing how it ends to re-watch it made the first half a little more tolerable. This, True Blood and Dexter are clearly why cable tv excels and knows how to do horror shows, I just wished the major networks would take notes and try to give us horror fans a show that respects us and not insults us. Hurry up and give us Season 3.

8.5 out of 10