Top 10 Kiss Songs-James DePaolo picks

Like last month’s Queensryche list, this month was a hard list to come up with. Enjoy, email and comment..

10. Unholy-(Revenge) I think Revenge was a record Kiss fans needed them to make. I will put this whole cd up against Creatures of the Night any time as the heaviest Kiss record. And the opening track with Simmons vocals and a re-charged and angry Kiss sound. This was not your parents Kiss.

9. Beth-( Destroyer) If there was a category best ballads of all time, there is no way this could not make the list. This song is so reminiscent of Dream On by Aerosmith, in terms of the song has been played to death on classic rock radio and it just never gets old to me. Each time I hear it, it is like the first time all over again.

8.Thou Shalt Not-( Revenge) I am a fan of the heavy side of Kiss, and songs like this make a fan like me happy that Kiss are not resting on their laurels. They did not need to release Revenge or even take their trademark sound of commercial success into this direction, but they did. Thou Shalt Not is Kiss hungry again and wanting to show people that they can still kick ass.

7.Lick it up-(Lick it up) Talk about an odd time to be Kiss fan, the makeup was off, half of the original members quit and they were trying to take their sound to the next level. I think in terms of underrated and underappreciated Kiss periods, I felt the Carr and Vincent little era was so good that fans should have warmed up to it a little more. Lick it up was Kiss just saying this is who we are, take it or leave it.

6. War Machine-(Creatures of the Night)At this time Peter was out, and Vinnie Vincent while not an official member had a huge presence on this cd. For a lot of us who grew up on southern wrestling, this song was the theme song for Lord Humongous to come to the ring. (Who would later be known as Psycho Sid) Again Gene Simmons and his anger, with that guitar riff it just works. This is not the band who released Beth or I was made for loving you.

5. Calling Dr. Love-(Rock and Roll over) To me, Rock and Roll over is such a good album. From first song to last, it is just classic Kiss. And for me, this song is just the whole feeling of what it was like to be a Kiss fan during this era. To me, music will never have another Kiss, much less a discography that is so timeless and still till this day holds up. No matter what the changes were to Kiss, from disco to pop, to hard rock. Kiss has endured and put out great music.

4. Rock and Roll all night-(Dressed to Kill) This became one of those Kiss anthems that you cannot go a day without hearing on some classic rock station. When I first heard it as a kid, I got the tennis racket and a mirror and had to play air guitar. It is one of those timeless songs that you always remember when you hear it, the first time you listened to it. This is the metal YMCA, it is just one of those songs that just keeps on going and never gets old.

3.I Love it Loud-( Creatures of the Night) This is the hardest part, there are so many Kiss songs that deserve to be on this list that I am going to regret not putting on, but how can I not add this song? To me, Creatures of the Night was such a pivotal album to us Kiss fans, I feel if there were no Creatures, there would be no Revenge. I know people are fans of the Paul Stanley vocals, but to me Simmons was hands down the best when it came to the songs that I love Kiss the most for.

2. I was made for loving you-(Dynasty) I know in this place everyone would name Detroit Rock City or Parasite, and if I did a top 15 both would have been on my list. Dynasty is a bad album, just a total sell out forgettable Kiss album. But, this song with its break into the drum solo is the best 30 seconds in music. I am not a fan of Paul Stanley and his commercial feel and sound, but this song is just so catchy and will stick with you long after the cd ends that you have to acknowledge that even though, it is total sell out, it is really a great song.

1.Deuce-(Kiss) If you are a fan of hard rock or metal, the first Kiss cd is essential. Forget the Kiss you know today or the Gene Simmons reality bs, this cd is to me one has a strong case as one of the best debuts in music history. What makes Deuce my number one song, is easy Ace Frehley’s guitar with Gene Simmons vocals and Stanley screaming. If you have seen Kiss live this song takes on a whole new meaning, and is quite frankly the highlight of the show besides Simmons doing God of Thunder from the highest point of the arena. As I am a fan of Simmons vocals, I am more of a fan of Frehley’s guitar work. No offense to Vincent, Kulick,Thayer, and etc. But there was only one Ace. Deuce is the only Kiss song that I know that could be number one.

  • Good stuff and even better idea. Here is my list.

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  • BrineB

    WOW. I’ve been a die-hard fan for 35 years….and reading through that list….I caught myself wondering if we were listening to the same band. A couple of the songs are very strong …in my book. But as far as ranking them as being top 10 in their catalog? I’m thinking that you not being a fan of the Paul S. songs is probably where we go in different directions. BUT…..we’re both still KISS fans. So it is STILL US AGAINST EVERYONE ELSE. Know what I mean?