Short Film Review-Velvet Road

Plot-How is this for a twist on the zombie short film. In the early 1960’s in the Deep South, when racial tensions were at their all-time high, a plague is running rampant. While all this is going on a man named Bobbie is trying to save his infected wife Caroline and their unborn child.

Review-The running time is around 14 minutes and there is not one second wasted. When Bobbie and his wife are listening to the radio, you hear how the news is claiming that the blacks are the source of the infection. When Bobbie later on in the short is confronted at first with trying to save a black man who clearly does not look infected, he is reluctant because of the news. It was scenes like that, that made this short tick. This film is shot mostly in flashback sequences that led to the car crash that separated husband Bobbie and wife. This whole short Bobbie is searching for his wife, and we get to re-live what brought us to that point. This film was executed perfectly; the actors did a bang up job and really got you involved in this film. My only gripe is small, please keep this story going, I hated this film to end. I loved the feel of this film, I loved the flow and I loved the ending sequence which really set up Velvet Road to be a major feature.

If you are zombie fans, you can worry not. This little short gives you some zombie goodness. Not too heavy on the blood, but it offers a couple of kills. But, the story line with how factual it sounds like it could have happened, really worked and made this film a cut above any other zombie idea as of late. I love the way this film felt like it did it’s homework on the old south, and recreated a piece that worked. All in all, L. Gustavo Cooper has a bright future, and if this is any indication, I cannot wait to see what is next. Great little short…find it, check it out.

8.5 out of 10