Recent Horror Films Worth Your Time

In no particular order, I give you my list of recent horror films that I think some of you guys will enjoy. It’s amazing just how LONG it took me to type this up and how little time I have to spend on each film. Hope you guys enjoy! It’s not the most ‘professional’ list because that’s not what I was going for with my limited time.

During the Q&A at Texas Frightmare Weekend with Ruggero Deodato, he mentioned that Martyrs was such a shocking film – people were walking out of the theater. You can read the Q&A HERE! Martyrs does have some pretty graphic scenery but that isn’t what is shocking to me. The entire premise and idea of after life is what I found to be shocking. Overall, the film was complete madness but original story telling. Two young women, who suffer from abuse, go on a quest for revenge against the sick fucks that kidnapped and tormented one of the girls as a child. They discover a lot more than they bargained for. Tell me something, have you ever wanted to know what it is people see while they’re slowly slipping away, towards that bright light? Afterlife plays a big part in this sick, twisted film that I cannot get enough of. The first half of the movie is completely different from the second half. I thought it was going to be a film about revenge. That was quite a twist. MUST WATCH!


A group of thieves are on the run and land on a hotel/Inn run by sadistic Nazis…. and I mean SADISTIC. I hope there really aren’t people like this out there. With a budget of 3 million dollars, it’s actually rated NC-17 and the special effects are quite lovely.

The Loved Ones:
It’s so hard to sum up this film in a short paragraph. There are far too many factors to mention. I was taken away with this feature. I haven’t seen it enough times. The low down is, this psycho bitch desperately wants to be Brent’s prom Queen. Brent has a girlfriend. He is abducted and wakes up under a disco ball with pink scattered all over the room along with glitter, confetti, and power drills. There’s much more to the story. This young woman has had a few admirers before Brent but most of all, she admirers her father. No I mean she really really admirers him. The film tips its hat to Australian road films towards the end. Again, there is so much to mention without giving it all away. This film is off its rocker and to top off this craziness, the song “Am I Not Pretty Enough” by Lola Stone keeps repeating. The Loved Ones has incredible performances by Robin MCleavy and Xavier Samuel. Xavier was in Twilight Eclipse and 2:37. I typed up a review for 2:37  on my blog since it’s not actually horror but one of the most fucked up and depressing films I have ever seen.

The Collector:
This is seriously one of the most underrated horror films I have seen in a while. It has all the appropriate elements that make a perfect horror film; Fine acting, great special effects, scares, original story telling, beautiful death scenes, a fitting score, and more! I also couldn’t help but notice in the strip club scene, the song “I Feel You” by Depeche Mode was playing in the back ground and I have been saying for YEARS that this song needs to play in a strip club in a horror movie. It’s also a good song for foreplay. Any who, The Collector is basically about a family that moves into a house in the middle of nowhere (of corpse) and they hire a man to fix the house up for them. This man’s name is Arkin. Arkin has a wife and daughter that owe money to sharks. Not actual sharks, that would just be silly. I am still wondering why she owes them money, this is never made clear but there IS a sequel coming out! So in order to bail his family out, he decides to sneak into the isolated families home and get into their safe to save his family. However, some sick fuck has already made his way into the house and set all kinds of fun and torturous traps all over the house. Arkin not only has to fight for survival but he has to save the family, along with retrieving the money to take care of his wife’s debt. All of the traps were beautifully crafted. I was shocked that I actually liked this film because I thought it would be just another typical horror film. The ending left some people a little discouraged but that’s why there is a sequel! *spoiler alert* Not so quite a spoiler alert but there is an alternate ending on the DVD and it’s hilarious. Some mothers out there think it’s just sadistic and wrong but I can take a joke and I laughed my ass off when I saw it. The main dude finally gets free and starts to run away from the property, he turns around and sees the little girl crying in the window upstairs. The camera pans down to the killers shadow lurking on the bottom floor. The main dude gives the little girl the finger and a smile then runs away. The end.

Yellow Brick Road:
A bizarre journey onto a mountain and some complete WTF moments made this an interesting film but overall it wasn’t all that in a bag of potato chips. Then ending was just ‘meh’ but it had a good concept. In 1940, an entire village just disappeared on their way up a mountain trail. 300 of the bodies were discovered. Some froze to death and the others were viciously slaughtered. Hundreds of bodies haven’t been found.  In 2008, a group of youngens attempt to follow the trail and find out what happened to all these people. There’s some noise on this mountain that drives the people mad. At one point, one of the guys randomly cuts his sisters leg off. This was a very alarming and unsettling scene. The ending may be a conversation starter or it may have you throwing things at the screen. The director explains the ending during the commentary on the DVD. The music driving them crazy represents them approaching death and the ending is hell. The road is the way to hell. Also, the Usher in the theater has been around for a really long time and is some kind of entity or God that may have been the one pulling one of the girls when we see gloves on the persons hands. “We are all on a yellow brick road looking for our own Emerald City and we will all end up in a theater some day having learned that the Wizard is not what we thought it would be.” That is the best explanation I’ve read from another debater. Pay no attention to those that call this a bad movie all because they didn’t understand the ending. You can read my review here!

The Woman:
Lucky McKee has always been one of my favorite directors since “May.” This man is truly talented. I did write a review for The Woman on this site so feel free to check it out. This is just another one of those films that included everything you need to make the perfect horror film. I became so obsessed with the movie’s soundtrack, I listened to it while I was typing up the article. It’s heavenly. The sound in this film is incredible. It isn’t scary per say but it’s one of the better horror films along with Black Swan from 2011.

Let the Right One In:
I would say, “I cannot believe they remade this” but I shouldn’t be surprised. A bullied, abnormal child falls in love with a strange girl that may or may not be a vampire. The man taking care of her has been with her for quite some time but is aging fast and doesn’t have the strength to get her the blood she needs to survive. Little Oscar here may be here only hope.

This is a film that has gotten mixed reviews – Some calling it predictable with too many cliches. I disagree. This movie scared the crap out of me. The old dead woman and that MUSIC are what did the job for me. You got yourself a lovely family whose son falls into a coma one day thanks to paranormal activity and the father’s past. Now the father must dig into his past to try and find a way to get his son back. The remarkable Lin Shaye has a small part in the film, I LOVE Lin Shaye. Patrick Wilson from Hard Candy and Watchmen plays the father and Rose Byrne who plays the wretched wench in Bridesmaids plays the mother. Barbara Hershey even has a small part. The cinematography is also what made this film work. My boyfriend was a little frightened by this film as well and he’s a pretty big guy. This doesn’t happen often. I don’t like many horror films that are PG-13 – The recent ones anyway but Insidious got the job done! Watch it tonight with the lights off. Then report back here and tell me what you thought about the music. The film is directed by James Wan, who wrote Saw, Saw III, and Dead Silence – Along with directing the first Saw, Dead Silence, and Death Sentence starring Kevin Bacon. Death Sentence isn’t a horror movie. It’s another one of those revenge flicks but it was nicely done.

The House of the Devil:
Set in the 80s, a young woman in desperate need for some extra cash takes on a strange babysitting job only her clients actually want to include her in their satanic ritual. Ti West’s film is a little slow but the atmosphere is perfect and the suspense slowly begins to build. I found the scene where the room mate asks for a light to be pretty ‘mind blowing.’

The Innkeepers:
I was actually a little disappointed by this ghost story but it does have a couple of good things going for it. – The cast being the best part about the film. Sara Paxton is one of the best actresses I’ve seen in a horror movie in a long time. She was so innocent and nerdy, I couldn’t get enough of her. Pat Healy also kept me entertained. Kelly McGillis doesn’t age well but she did give me the creeps. The film may keep you on edge but overall I was a little disappointed. A small inn is shutting down but this establishment has a past. The two caretakers become obsessed with experiencing some paranormal activity.

Midnight Meat Train:
Don’t you just love Clive Barker? I couldn’t get enough of this project. The story centers around a photographer that begins to follow a serial killer. The way this story came about was because one night, Barker accidentally took the wrong route and got stuck on the subway system in the middle of the night. I cannot imagine the strange characters he may have come across but it made for superb writing material. It’s pretty gory and there’s much more to the story than a serial killer, it digs deeper and deeper. The film is filled with amazing actors. I am fairly certain Bradley Cooper wants me. I have always been a Vinnie Jones fan. There is something peculiar about this strange man. Then we have Leslie Bibb, who I remember from the WB show “Popular.” A lot of Lovecraft fans may dig this feature.

You know, I am not a huge fan of Melissa George’s mouth. I don’t know what is going on there. Perhaps I am too observant but her crooked mouth has always bothered me. That being said, she was totally hot in Sugar and Spice. Maybe she should stop dying her hair blond? I must admit that she is a fine actress and did a remarkable job in this dramatic horror film. I’ve always been a fan of the mystery that is the Bermuda Triangle. A group of friends get in an accident with their each, thanks to silly weather conditions. Thankfully, they run into another ship and they are not alone. Someone on board is intent on hunting them down but it’s not exactly what it seems. It’s like Groundhog Day with Bill Murray only people are killing each other.

The Cabin in the Woods:
This is a touchy subject for me because it lets us know just how stupid Americans really are. Well that’s not fair, if they don’t watch enough horror films then they probably don’t “get it.” I wrote a review for the film, directly after watching it in theaters and you can read that HERE. Just keep in mind, things are not what they seem and be prepared to laugh… A LOT! Not as in, it’s so bad it’s good laughter but because it intentionally makes fun of other horror films. I wouldn’t compare it to Scary Movie because this is not a stupid spoof. This is a CLEVER spoof on horror films with better actors, screen play, and effects than the others. Even the storyline is more original. Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard are known for their witty screen plays. This is why I was such a Buffy fan and those who did not watch Buffy but talk shit on it anyway should really watch a few episodes. I truly believe Joss Whedon is on of the best screen writers on the planet. You can read my entire review here!

Three young individuals are stuck in a chair lift through the weekend where they can either starve or freeze to death. Little do they know, a pack of hungry wolves are waiting for them down below. This is the only thing I didn’t understand about the film. So the wolves only come out on weekends or what? Ed Ackerman and Kane Hodder make appearances in this flick and the film stars Shawn Ashmore from the X-men flicks and The Ruins, Emma Bell – Who plays Amy in The Walking Dead series, and Kevin Zegers who was the kid in “In the Mouth of Madness.”

Satan Hates You:
Watching this film actually made me feel like I was going to go to hell for watching it, even though I don’t believe in hell. This film features some of your favorite horror movie stars; Angus Scrimm, Reggie Bannister, Michael Berryman, Larry Fessenden, and Debbie Rochon. I was blown away by the lead actresses screams. Good lord! Christine Spencer has a bright future ahead of her. The story centers around a drug addict pregnant sexoholic teenager and an unemployed alcoholic. Demons try to convince both lost souls to do as much wrong as they can while missionaries try to set them straight. Little did I know, my step father is mocked in small clips during this film. I met the director, James McKenney, at the New York Comicon in 2011 and that’s when we figured this out.

Trick R Treat:
On Halloween, we get to see several stories play out; Vampires are out for blood, teens play a prank that goes a little too far, a high school principle with an annoying son is a serial killer, a disbeliever and hermit is visited by a special entity that looks like a trick or treater, and a couple pays the price of blowing up a jack o’lantern before midnight. As crazy and ridiculous as this all sounds, I do believe this is the best film to watch on Halloween if you’re tired of AMC playing John Carpenter’s Halloween over and over. The film also has a wide range of recognizable faces, including Anna Paquin.

  • Some other ones that are worthy of a look: GRACE, THE HILLS RUN RED, EXCISION (hitting DVD this October), and tons more.

    I agree with most of the picks and take issue with others, but overall great list! Horror is one of the coolest genres because of how subjective it is. One thing may terrify one person and bore another to tears. All in the mind of the viewer.

    -Dead Derrick