Music Review-The Gashers-Law is not Order

Jason Guitar Vox
James Bass Vox
Sandy Drums Vox

History-While this may be the debut record for The Gashers, the three members have been around since 2003 in a band that was called Peccadilloes, and when that band ended, this is what came out of the ashes. Talk about a band that has something to prove, holy fuck this band will give you a cd that you may not be able to quit listening to.

Review-Like label mates The Dirty Panties I am noticing a trend with the bands that are on SquidHat Records, they present themselves one way and are actually a different. This cd to sit in front of a computer is not the best way to review this cd; this is a cd to be playing loud in the background of a punk show as you wait for a band to come on stage. This cd best way to describe it is: a very angry punk rock party rock record. Now before you think this is going to be just your typical punk record, there are 3 lead vocalists that at times all three are on a song together, that add such a different flavor to The Gashers sound that really sets them apart.

This is definitely not sit still and clapping your hands music, or music to sit around with a notebook taking notes at what to add to a review, this is get the fuck up and have fun angry music, or as I call it reaction music. Also like their label mates, this is not the version of punk you may be familiar with; this is their interpretation on punk. I know this concept works of incorporating a male and female vocal assault on punk; we hear it from bands like Mispelt Two Point Zero and a few more, I liked the heart of this band so much more. That is the one thing that struck me from first note to last, this is just unapologetic passion and such a fuck you attitude of what true NYC 1977 punk once had, that every band after that explosion lost. This did not feel like listening to a cd, it felt like being at an event, maybe a party. This cd captured the feel of a band that you know live, will deliver and just pour every emotion and feeling out of their body to apply to singing and their instrument.

When your main lyric in a song is “Were the Gashers and we won’t go away” you know this band wants to be taken serious. Now they also have a fun side to them as well with songs like Monsters, but holy fuck is Sheila that song that could convert non punk fans to maybe give this band a shot. The whole cd, ranges from angry to loud, to just nonstop attitude, and after all that is what punk was formed for. I love the 3 singer concept each song takes on a new flavor when the vocals change, and it is such a refreshing change of pace as to bands having members shouting on top of each other, this band respects each member to let them shine as singles, and then together as a group. While, I am a huge fan of punk, I have found myself embracing the 2012 indie punk movement of labels like Squid, Victory, and a few more that seem to be more open to bring back the honesty of yesterday’s punk in new bands. I won’t say The Gashers are the second coming of any scene or band, I think they are the first coming of a band that could excel if people were aware of them, and I know all of you will hear their names so much more in the upcoming weeks. This band may be on an indie label, but they have major talent and that indie label has major talent as well behind it. This is another home run from SquidHat.

9 out of 10

Pre order this cd now and own The Dirty Panties…both great cds and only 10.00
And see the new face of punk…SquidHat Records are quickly becoming my new favorite label.