Music Review-The Agonist-Prisoners

Alissa White-Gluz – lead vocals
Danny Marino – guitars
Pascal “Paco” Jobin – guitars
Chris Kells – bass, backing vocals
Simon McKay – drums

Track Listing-
1. “You’re Coming with Me”
2. “The Escape”
3. “Predator & Prayer”
4. “Anxious Darwinians”
5. “Panophobia”
6. “Ideomotor”
7. “Lonely Solipsist”
8. “Dead Ocean”
9. “The Mass of the Earth”
10. “Everybody Wants You (Dead)”
11. “Revenge of the Dadaists”

History-Hailing from Canada, this is the 3rd studio release from Century Media. Chances are you probably know them from a song called Business Suits and Combat Boots from their 1st record. Or if you bought any magazines that had anything to do with women and metal, you seen lead singer Alissa.

Review-The Agonist I lump into the same category as I do an In This Moment and Landmine Marathon. While I am a semi fan of what they do, they have yet to make a cd that really defines what they are about without coming across sounding like every other band. Songs like Dead Ocean, The Escape, Predator and Prayer, and Panophobia are really some of the best stuff The Agonist has put on cd to date, but the sound and feel of the songs just sound like every other female led metal band. It does you no favors to be on the same label as an Arch Enemy, and this cd is proof of that. Again I am a fan of The Agonist while not the most original band, at least they make decent music, so do not think this review is coming from a hater. I thought the first cd was a decent enough cd, and the follow up while not packing the punch of the debut was a ok follow up. This cd, while to date has some of their best songs, it just is starting to confuse me about what they are trying to achieve, or come across being. When I think of females in metal, I think of women who innovate the sound and make it different. No offense, singers like Maria Brink, Grace Perry and even Alissa, are really coming across as wanna be’s, that seem to be happy just doing what they do. Again, I am a fan of what they are trying to bring to music, I just wish they would carve their own identities and maybe find their own style, I refuse to think this is their style. If you were letdown by the last Arch Enemy cd, this cd could be a good substitute. As far as the future of The Agonist, I just wish they would take this sound that comes across as been there heard that, and just maybe just show us what they bring to metal. This cd while not original was a decent listen. It just makes me think, am I being misled thinking these guys are great musicians? It seems like Metal and Goth Females are starting to all sound alike, and that is sad, because as all of you know I am a fan of the females in music. The days of Dawn Crosby, Karyn Crisis, Kathleen Hanna, Lydia Lunch and Kat Bjelland changing female music are so dead right now. It just seems that Angela Glasgow and Christina Scabbia has made a formula that all these other women are so eager to follow. Again, not a bad cd, just a cd that seems like every other band these days.

7 out of 10