Music Review-Slipknot-Antennas to Hell

Disc: 1
1. (sic)
2. Eyeless
3. Wait And Bleed
4. Spit It Out
5. Surfacing
6. People = Shit
7. Disasterpiece
8. Left Behind
9. My Plague (New Abuse Mix)
10. The Heretic Anthem (Live)
11. Purity (Live)
12. Pulse Of The Maggots
13. Duality
14. Before I Forget
15. Vermilion
16. Sulfur
17. Psychosocial
18. Dead Memories
19. Snuff
Disc: 2
1. (sic) (Live At Download Festival 2009)
2. Eyeless (Live At Download Festival 2009)
3. Wait And Bleed (Live At Download Festival 2009)
4. Get This (Live At Download Festival 2009)
5. Before I Forget (Live At Download Festival 2009)
6. Sulfur (Live At Download Festival 2009)
7. The Blister Exists (Live At Download Festival 2009)
8. Dead Memories (Live At Download Festival 2009)
9. Left Behind (Live At Download Festival 2009)
10. Disasterpiece (Live At Download Festival 2009)
11. Vermilion (Live At Download Festival 2009)
12. Everything Ends (Live At Download Festival 2009)
13. Psychosocial (Live At Download Festival 2009)
14. Duality (Live At Download Festival 2009)
15. People = Shit (Live At Download Festival 2009)
16. Surfacing (Live At Download Festival 2009)
17. Spit It Out (Live At Download Festival 2009)

Review-As a music fan, I thought I understand the concept of a greatest hits cd; it is a tool for fans to remember a band and their legacy of work. In the last 5 years, there has been this trend of bands releasing greatest hits records as more as milking fans then as a history lesson. Why, Slipknot who only has 4 releases under their belt have to put out a greatest hits cd is beyond me. Some will say as a tribute to Paul Grey, but if your heart was into honoring his memory why not put out a dvd/ blu ray chronicling your career and his input? I won’t hide the fact that I am a Slipknot fan, and how I am Hated, Three Nil, and Everything Ends are not included to me show that this is clearly not a true greatest hits. There is no denying Corey Taylor is one of the best vocalists in metal right now; he has a lot of talent but fuck Stone Sour is working on cd 4, will there be a greatest cds next as well?

There is no denying Slipknot fans will not be buying this, because if you are a fan you have the 4 cds, and the live extra cd is not really that special. With live cds like this, it captures the taped feeling of a live show which also has some dubs thrown in, but for this kind of live show it does not translate into a disc and comes across as bland, you have to be there to experience this and to listen to it on an IPod, with no disc to watch was just not as fun as you would think it should be. For a band that has said it made a history of delivering live, this cd is not proof.

As far as a greatest hits goes, Limp Bizkit did it, and I hated them for it, Korn did it, I hated them for it though they did add some cover songs to interest me, Slipknot are another band that is just trying to cash in, while Corey does his Stone Sour gig and they contemplate when a new cd could come if at all. Like I said, you have all the songs and if you are a Slipknot fan you know what you feel about them, and if not, you know you hate them. I am a Slipknot fan, and love the nu metal crunch and Corey’s aggressive vocals. I think Slipknot is a band that can transcend the genre and really be something special in the upcoming years. Their downfall is that their drummer Clown does more damage than good when he talks to the press. His interviews and comments make me want to not listen to any more music sometime. As a whole, if you do not own a Slipknot cd this would be a good start to see if they are a band you could get behind, but if you own all the cds and the IOWA special edition like me, this is just unnecessary. So I will base this review off a non-fan perspective that never heard any music and may want to give them a shot.

A new Slipknot fan —8 out of 10 but buy IOWA the special edition first.

A fan that has all the Slipknot stuff—save the money