Music Review-Primary Slave-Another Mark is Drawn….

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History-Kerrang magazine around 1999 had a free cd called Devil’s Music which came with the magazine. Little did I know this issue and cd would really have such an impact on me. You had Matter doing Bad Loser, and Primary Slave doing Slide. The two debut records that I hold in some very high praise. When Data Plague first came out in 2000, I went to my local import store and ordered it. And when I received it, it did not disappoint. Almost like a sci fi heavier version of Soundgarden. It was the cd I felt if exposed to the right crowd at the right time, could be a sonic Nevermind. Data Plague was just one of those cds that was really special, that seems to come once a blue moon. Tragedy struck a few years later, lead singer Mark Giltrow died. This is Mark’s last recordings with Primary Slave.

Review-Primary Slave is one of those bands that come around once in a lifetime. Formed by (ex-Cradle of Filth member) Paul Alexander and bassist David Palser, Primary Slave had a sound that was all theirs. I mean 12 years later, and Data Plague still holds up as one of the best cds of the last decade. I knew something was going in the Primary Slave camp when youtube had a video of theirs a few back for Re-Wire. It was like Primary Slave were peaking their heads out and saying, “We are going to come back and change music yet again”. Little did I know, this was all a tribute to lead singer Mark Giltrow who passed. Now, 12 years after the debut cd comes the follow up Another Mark is Drawn, that is being released to honor Mark’s memory. First thing first, the artwork inside the cd is amazing. They put a lot of care and love into the packaging of this cd. If you are a fan of songs like Slide and Silicone off the debut, this cd will be a shocker. It is like this band has so many layers, and the debut cd showed off one side of the band, this cd shows off a complete other. Powdered which opens the cd, showcases what Mark does best on vocals, a little of the past mixed with today. The vocal delivery on this song, along with the musicianship makes this song such a perfect opener. Where the last cd had the heavy Soundgarden vibe, this song has the 1986 Jane’s Addiction vibe with a vocal delivery that has to be heard to be believed. This cd seems to venture into softer lands with songs like Defiled, which are an odd fit for this band but seem to come off as experimental by the end. The Time it takes to die is such a bittersweet way to end this cd. What a great song to remember his legacy by, from it’s almost Prog-Yes vibe to the customary Primary Slave all over the place musical directions. This cd is just like the song itself, it sounds like a band that did not care about label, or genres, and just wanted to make whatever music it wanted and could care what others thought. Songs like The Answer could convert new fans to this band, with its heavy guitar riffs and Mark’s vocals that fit this music like a hand in a glove. C.R.E.A.M is another track I wanted to mention, like the other tracks on this cd, the sound and direction is just all over the place and fits. The guitar sound comes across like 80’s metal and the vocals are just so powerful. If you own Data Plague, you need to have this cd. If you never heard a Primary Slave cd and are into metal, hard rock, alternative, hell anything music. You would really dig this band a lot. I am glad Primary Slave put out a follow up, and while it is not as strong as Date Plague, it still is a solid cd. I am just saddened by why they put it out. RIP Mark.

8 out of 10