Music Review-Nachtmystium-Silencing Machine

Coming out July 31st thru Century Media

• Blake Judd – guitar, vocals
• Andrew “Aamonael” Markuszewski – guitar
• Will Lindsay – bass
• Charlie Fell – drums
• Sanford Parker – keyboards/synthesizers

Review-I remember listening to their last two releases and wondering what is going on with these guys. The last releases asked a lot of their fan base, with its psychedelic influenced sound and drastic changes. It felt to me they were trying to abandoned black metal and try to go more mainstream. Well, that was short lived. Silencing Machine at times seems like a return to the black metal of cds like Reign of the Malicious and Demise, but it also seems to carry some of the other elements from Instinct and the Black Meddle duo that fans were bitching about. Borrowed hope and broken dreams seems like when they went thru their rock and roll phase. It felt out of place on this cd.

While I wait in hell sounds very Judas Priest inspired, like Desert Plains era. That song will win them over their old school fans that jumped off the bandwagon with all these drastic sound changes of past releases. They still are incorporating the keyboards which were used this time in moderation. The lyrics are dark and apocalyptic, and the vocals at times, seem to be taking a back seat to the instruments on this cd. Which songs like Decrimination, Annihilation it really comes across really impressive as to what musical directions they take in this song. It is like almost like Ministry meeting Godflesh.

These rooms which we weep that they decide to end this cd with may piss off a lot of their fans, but if you get to the 4 minute mark the song picks up heavily and ends solid. Bands like this are always held under such a microscope with fans, that if they make any changes that people will not try to listen before they base an opinion. I always question release to release which side of this band will be on the new cd, and each time they at least try to make something different with their sound. Blake’s vocals for the most part are dark and evil, and so powerful it sounds demonic in a way. You can tell they toured with Goatwhore, the Ben rub off is heard on here.

Fans of Black Metal may get into this, though some songs on this cd like the above mentioned may lose some fans. All in all, it is a solid release.

8 out of 10