Music Review-Lita Ford-Living like a Runaway

Track listing-
1. “Branded”
2. “Hate”
3. “The Mask”
4. “Living Like A Runaway”
5. “Relentless”
6. “Mother”
7. “Devil In My Head”
8. “Asylum”
9. “Love 2 Hate U”
10. “A Song To Slit Your Wrists By” ( 58 cover, written by Nikki Sixx)

History-In 1975, at age 16 she played guitars for The Runaways. In 1979, she left after disputes about the way the band should sound. She wanted it to be more heavy rock oriented, and the rest of the band wanted to go into a more Ramones meets The Damned sort of feel. In 1983, she started a solo career that has spanned with this cd, 8 studio recordings. Achieving platinum success with her cd Lita, for the songs Close my eyes forever her ballad with Ozzy Osbourne, and Kiss me Deadly. After Black in 1995, she went thru the passing of her mom, (who at one time wrote an advice column in RIP Magazine) and the ugly divorce with Jim Gillette. Lita made her comeback to hard rock in 2009, with Winter Wonderland and said that she is back to make music deadly again.

Review-This cd sounds like a therapy session. The lyrics sound like she wanted to put what she is going thru right now with her life in words. This is the most emotional Lita record to date, with songs that really cover her past and present like almost a tell all book put to music. While Winter Wonderland just seemed to forget that she was gone from the scene and concentrated on trying to re-ignite the past, this cd is more of a looking back at the things she dealt with to put her music on hold for so many years. You know when you watch the film The Runaways; the movie seems to think that Lita was just a background fixture for the true talent of the band. And, listening to her career in music, you know Lita was more than a background fixture.

This cd while very personal is also very good. I like it better than her come-back record a few years ago. Songs like Branded and Hate are the classic guitar fueled Lita Ford fist pumping in the air songs. I see these songs going amazing live. Songs like A song to slit your wrists by ( which was originally written by Nikki Sixx) and The Mask, try to give Lita a new musical direction that maybe fans will dig, but most old school fans may not like her trying to modernizing her sound. And there are the ballads like the title track and Mother that really are deep and almost sound like confessions more than actual songs. As a whole, if you are a Lita Ford fan for more than her self-titled hit cd, with the radio staples, you will get into this. I mean, it is Lita Ford, what do you expect her to put out? She really made some good songs and some decent cds, so this is a welcome addition to the collection for Lita Ford fans. I cannot really sit here and gripe that the cd was not this or that, it is Lita Ford, I know what to expect. The 2 heavy guitar songs to get the album going, then the 3rd song that ventures into commercial pop, and then the ballad. And repeat. It is like going to McDonald’s and complaining that they gave you a Big Mac, when you order one.

This is a cd that Lita feels she has to release now in her career, and I liked it better than Black and the one she did a few years back. Should Lita go into the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame? Sure, they inducted so many lesser talents than her, so why not? Should she go on this cd, of course not. But, I really liked the energy and passion Lita brought to this cd. This is Lita Ford 2012 in a nutshell, honest and upfront.

7 out of 10