Music Review-K-Holes-Dismania

Cameron Michel
Sara Villard
Jack Hines
Julie Hines
Vashti Windish

History-This is the second release from NYC band the K-Holes. Jack Hines was a member at one time for The Black Lips. This is the 1970’s nu wave scene to a tee that spawned bands like Lydia Lunch’s Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, DNA, with nods also to Nico inspired Velvet Underground and The Gun Club among many others. Welcome to the 70’s….

Review-What an amazing cd, I love the old school 70’s vibe with the swampy twang of the guitars and the saxophone in the background. Songs like Acid with Vashti singing, sounded like Orphans inspired Lydia Lunch. Nothing New sounds like something that could have been a b side on Iggy and The Stooges Raw Power. This cd just comes across as so adventurous and just a total shock as to how good it really is. The K-Holes sound like they represent the broken dreams underbelly of the music scene, almost like Iggy did in the 70’s and Velvet Underground did in the 60’s. Songs like Nightshifter are such nods to Lou Reed that you almost feel the band knew the comparisons would exist and just wanted to honor their heroes and take the nods. Rats is almost like an insult wrapped in a song. Comparing- I guess people they have encountered in some form or fashion as dirty rats. This band is all about the retro twang, saxaphone, trade off vocals and just retro feel of each song. Vashti when she does sing on a few songs really shines as she trades off vocals with Hines. If you are into bands like BRMC, early Raveonettes, and any of the bands and singers I mentioned during this review. You will love this cd. This is almost like the 2012 Sonic Youth. This cd is a must buy. This band will be huge; I just know they will take off like Jack White did. Too much talent and musicianship to ignore, this is a very good record.

9 out of 10