Music Review-Huntress-Spell Eater

Jill Janus
Blake Meahl
Ian Alden
Carl Wierzbicky
Eric Harris

Review-I have heard all the hype about Huntress and read all the magazine articles. I was a skeptic, because it just seems like female led metal bands as of late, have fell into the category of follow the leader instead of trying to create their own identities. That all ended once the first track Spell Eater kicked in. This sounds like what Dawn Crosby would be doing today if she was still alive and doing Fear of God music. I want to say the musicians in this band seem to come across as sounding almost Judas Priest-ish at times, which for Jill’s vocals, really fit. Then by Sensicide the second track, it really showcases Jill’s voice and she comes across as a threat to metal. Each song reveals another layer as to what Jill brings to metal, and is such a welcome relief. Aradia is a great example of what sets this band apart from every female led metal band today. She has musicians backing her up that respect her vocal range and try to compliment it.

And what a shock, there are no ballads or acoustic songs. This is just a straight forward metal kick in the ass cd. This is fist pumping, pit and thrashing fun. I can picture this band opening up for Slayer, Priest, or even Slipknot and making non fans, fans. I really love this cd and feel that whatever Huntress does next, I am on board. This is where female metal needs to be heading, what a great cd. This is the Appetite for Destruction debut for 2012. If you are sick of bands like Lacuna Coil, and this or that. I think Huntress has the cure. This cd is a must, and there is not one song on this cd that is filler. Each song outshines the last song. And by the end of this journey, you sort of wish it would have kept going. Huntress are for real, they are very fucking for real.

10 out of 10