Music Review-Goatwhore-Blood for the Master

Track Listing
1. “Collapse in Eternal Worth” – 3:40
2. “When Steel and Bone Meet” – 3:12
3. “Parasitic Scriptures of the Sacred Word” – 3:28
4. “In Deathless Tradition” – 4:26
5. “Judgement of the Bleeding Crown” – 3:58
6. “Embodiment of This Bitter Chaos” – 4:44
7. “Beyond the Spell of Discontent” – 4:02
8. “Death to the Architects of Heaven” – 3:41
9. “An End to Nothing” – 2:49
10. “My Name Is Frightful Among the Believers” – 4:11

• Ben Falgoust – vocals
• Sammy Duet – backing vocals, guitar
• James Harvey – backing vocals, bass
• Zack Simmons – drums

Review-This is not the same Goatwhore from 12 years ago who gave us The Eclipse of Ages into Black, this cannot be the band that was formed from the ashes of Soilent Green and Acid Bath? The 3 year absence from the music scene seems to have softened up the death metal sound. And you know what, I am happy to see them venture out into a more traditional metal route this time out. It is long overdue when you are this far into your career to try and spread your wings and show people you are more than one dimensional. I won’t say this is a night and day transformation like Metallica, but it is quite a different sound for them. Songs like Judgement of the Bleeding Crown, is the best example of their growth on this cd, while elements sound like Sewn Mouth Secrets Soilent Green era, this song takes an old school Slayer turn. The hero of this cd make no mistake is Sammy and that guitar. It is hard to believe that metal fans wrote this band off as a Darkthorne want to be band. This band truly has so much talent and energy, power to their music that it is hard not to really get into this cd.

Of the ten songs, nine really thrash away with fury and a pissed off hostility. Collapsed of Eternal Worth starts this cd, and it is just old school thrash with almost a punkish feel. This song has so much angry and hate, the riffs are so over the top and just furious; this is just an all-out metal assault that is powerful and commanding. This cd seems to borrow so much from old school Slayer and the bay area thrash scene, like Exodus and Exciter. Sammy’s solo on each song is just insane, and very brutal. Very underrated guitarist, that seems to have so much influences shining throughout this cd.

An end to nothing will be the favorite on this cd; it had the feel that it was on the cutting floor of 2009’s Carving out the eyes of God. This is the song Goatwhore fans love them for; it is just such a nod to that crunch, and the death metal vocals of Ben. If this cd has any downfall it would be that Goatwhore really need that breakthrough cd that will create a legacy. I know where they came from, and I know in 2000 Rolling Stone magazine listed them as one of the bands to watch out for. And I know live they deliver, live they never let down, this band loves the fans. They just need a Reign in Blood, Master of Puppets type cd that will cement a legacy; I know they can give us one. I am thinking as great as this cd is, and their previous records are, that they still have so much more greatness in them to give us.

I love the change in direction, this cd has a legitimate claim as the best metal cd of 2012, but I just feel that the rest should have inspired the guys to really hit us with that cd that would change metal. This cd just seems like it was heavily influenced by their idols, and trying to emulate their heroes. I love the cd, and it is just balls to the walls heavy as fuck. But, I wish Ben and Sammy would stop relying on their past achievements to fall back on musically and really try to re-define NOLA and that sound.

Again, great cd, very good live band, and talented musicians that really work hard. This cd is a step up from the last 2 cds, and the last Soilent Green cd easily. My problem is if you are going to go this route, why not just release a covers cd? If you are a metal fan, you cannot go wrong with this cd.

8.5 out of 10