Music Review-Cinema Cinema-Manic Children and the Slow Aggression

Track List:
• Adult Themes
• 1st Writings on Levitation
• Cycles & Territories
• Phone Call
• Siner
• Altamont
• National League Lament
• Anesthesia
• Lady Abortion
• Day-Leash
• It’s my Party and I’ll Die if I want to

Review-This is the follow up to Shoot the Freak their ep. The first thing that really speaks volumes is that Don Zientara produced this cd. He was responsible for some old school Bad Brains, Minor Threat and Bikini Kill. Talk about a producer who can create magic out of a band. Cinema, Cinema is a Brooklyn-based indie rock duo of cousins Paul Claro (drums) and Ev Gold (vocals, guitar).

This is musically the most diverse cd I have heard in a while, it is truly a different kind of listen. The first thing you notice, there is no way to classify this band beside indie. They experiment in so many styles and genres that chances are if they start the song up-tempo it will end down tempo, and have 9 changes throughout the song. UFO, I was going to write them off on the first licks as a want to be White Stripes, but then the lyrics hit and it takes a change. I know the White Stripes comparisons and Local H will be there. But, this band is truly unique just for how out of left field they take this album. These guys sound like each song is life and death. It reminds me of a passion that I have not seen in music in a long time, of a band who is so dead set on trying to carve a new identity by taking things we are familiar with, whether it be feedback, riffs or the feel of the song, and mix it up with changes and chords that do not fit the song, but seem to work in it.

If I had to sum up this sound, maybe Blue Cheer meets Raw Power Iggy and the Stooges with White Stripes thrown in. This band has issues and the music is so manic with power chords and damaging twists in these songs that are not supposed to work, but come off amazing. I have coined a new term for cds like this, “art damage”. This cd is a different kind of band with something different to offer, but yet gives you glimpse of where music has been and may be showing you where it is going. God, I bet live they have to put these guys in cuffs and shackles, they seem like they are just insanely intense. What a good cd that I think if you are into indie music and maybe a fan of magazines like CMJ, and AP you would really feel this cd is calling you to play it.

8 out of 10