Music Review-Broken Water-Tempest

Members Abby, Jon, ka na ko

History-From Olympia, WA, comes this threesome. This cd seems inspired by the toned down guitars of Dirty/Goo era Sonic Youth, the hooks of The Breeders and Nirvana and the feel of bands like Rainer Maria.

Review-This cd by its sound I am guessing is inspired by the Shakespeare play The Tempest. Hardly Art’s roster is full of potential like K-Holes and now Broken Water. If shows like the original 120 minutes existed, this band would be all over the show. This is quite frankly the cd of 2012. This is that band that alternative music needs. There is no real lead singer to the band as all three members get a chance to sing, and each song just gives you another reason to really get behind this band. With its rhythmic drum sounds, swirling layers of toned down guitar and dissonant bass grooves, this noise band just delivers on each song and delivers big. Opening song Drown just showcases this band in its Sonic Youth/ Pod era Breeders at its best. I am such a fan of the alternative girl groups of the 80’s and 90’s like My Bloody Valentine, Breeders, S and Kinney and etc, so this cd to me is a dream come true. Jon does get his moments to shine in his Thurston Moore esque delivery, and it really fits the mood of this cd. This cd just feels like a memory of the past in the package of today. They also pay tribute to the late punk folk artist Yanka Dyagileva by dedicating a song entitled to her. This cd is just layers of sounds, and just such a fresh breath of air as to what is coming out these days. This just sounds like what V for Vendetta promised they would sound like, and failed to. This cd from start to finish is such a must listen for fans of the above mentioned bands. What a haunting yet fresh vocal delivery by all 3. Not one bad song on this whole cd. And When You Said which ends the cd starts off with this haunting rhythm and then takes off into guitar world, and then crashes back and forth, gives us hope that this band is here to stay. And Alternative Music Radio, how dare you not be kissing this band’s ass and giving them love. This is a must have cd, and quite frankly the best alternative rock record in a very long time.

10 out of 10