Music Review-Attika 7-Blood of my Enemies

History-Attika 7, (formerly Attika ) is the new super-group featuring Evan Seinfeld from Biohazard, Tony Compos from Static X/Soulfly/Prong/Ministry, Dustin Schoenhofer from Walls of Jericho/Bury your dead and Rusty Croones who builds motorcycles.

Review- Evan Seinfeld is a renaissance man, what has he not done yet? His resume includes Movies, Television, Porn, Reality Tv, and Music. While when people think of Evan they will think of Biohazard and that metal crunch he brought to the sound. Evan seems to be inspired to venture into a new direction and a really new direction that I am not sure if all Biohazard fans will be ready for. Let’s be honest, there is not one shade of his past on any tracks, and in the same breath the same statement can be made for Compos and Dustin as well. The description the band wants to sell to you on this sound is that it is some biker rebel bad ass rebellion sound. And I can see that in certain songs like Lockdown, and Devil’s Daughter which really are some stand out tracks on this cd that show you how versatile this band is. But, there is so many more layers to this band like a new found energy and passion that Evan has not showed in a very long time and it is so infectous on this cd, that the rest of the band share that same passion.

Evan’s vocals seem like he is trying to show people that he can do more than scream, and the songs show his vocal range that really is impressive. Like other super-groups in the last few years like Hell Yeah, Kill Devil Hill to name a few, this is not what the loyal fans are going to be ready for, and may have to take some listens and time to get into. Crackerman the start off track is such a change of pace then what fans and die hards are going to be ready for. It seems like Evan was inspired by Skynyrd and classic rock more than any metal on this cd. Well, there is a Godsmack element here and there.

This cd in a very weird way seemed like the next logical step for Evan, since he wanted a change of pace then to just do another Biohazard cd. This cd just sounded like a bunch of friends who got together to jam. This is a beer drinking, bar fighting hell raising cd. Where you expect this cd to be the Evan show, and back up musicians in their roles, this is a legit group that each member brings a lot to each song and really shines.

Each song has a different flavor and offers a different journey, from southern influenced classic rock, to modern rock to a few songs like Lockdown that offers you some metal crunch to let you know they did not forget you guys. This cd was really a very diverse mixed bag of cultures and influences that if fans were open minded to it would really get into it. This is the best vocal performance by Evan since State of the World Address easily. He seems hungry as do the rest of the guys and very motivated to create a cd that reflects where they are at right now in their life.

Biohazard fans, this is a good cd and deserves a listen, just do not hear a song sample or see a video on youtube and think you know what this cd is about. This is a really good record, and I hope we see more from these guys.

8 out of 10