Music Review-Adrian H and the Wounds

1. Memory
2. That Hurts
3. Hoist That Rag
4. Dog Solitude
5. Chim Chim Cher-ee
6. Nasty
7. What She Wants
8. Bad Man
9. The Night My Mother Screamed
10. Border Patrol

Review-When listening to this cd you can tell Tom Waits, Skinny Puppy’s Too Dark Park and Nick Cave are big influences. Adrian H is not so much a singer, as he is a storyteller. Songs like That Hurts with the female background vocals and moans, can almost come across as spoken word pieces put to music. When the Wounds with Adrian do a Tom Waits cover ( Hoist that Rag, from the very underrated political Tom Waits cd Real Gone, which for the record the original had Les Claypool on bass as well) it comes across as almost an equal to the original. You feel as though, as it is a cover it comes across as something Adrian makes his own and puts his own touch on it, and just really nails it. Tom Waits, would be proud. They do Chim Chim Cher-ee also that comes across as a spoken word acid trip. With the background saxophone in this song, it just seems like a Clockwork Orange-esque trip.

This almost feels like in an odd way a Dr Seuss narrated cd. Each song is another trip into fairy tale land with Adrian H who seems like a Goth narrator, more than a singer. And for a cd like this it works, and comes across as so fun and odd that you feel compelled to listen more to it. What She Wants is such a headphone track, you have to have this on the iPod and listen to it with all the lights out, to get the full feeling of what this song offers. This song in some odd way is so addictive and catchy, that you will find yourself sinking into the sounds and the story without even realizing you are.

As much as I got into the singer and the songs, it was the lyrics that really stood out. Adrian is quite the poet, and his songs are so well written, that you really feel this is what Murder Ballads would have sounded like if Tom Waits did the cd, instead of Nick Cave. Songs like The Night my Mother Screamed show that the back-up band The Wounds are just as talented as Adrian. The instruments seem to compliment Adrian’s vocals, and the saxophone really brings the songs to an all new level. Dog Solitude show that sometime they think outside of the Tom Waits box and venture into Ogre country. This cd for 2012’s music scene probably has no place, and that is why I love this cd so much. It does not sound like anything I have heard in a very long time. This cd is a must for fans who are into the above mentioned bands, and want to hear something that is more than bubble gum and fake actors who think they are musicians. Great cd and good band, I am dying to hear more from them in the future.

8.5 out of 10