Movie Review-Wind Blast

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Plot-Billed as a hyper kung fu western on adrenaline, Zhang is a cold blooded killer who goes to China to try and fit in. Well, some assassins are out to get him, as well as the police. And to add to the drama Zhang is going thru, he brought along his pregnant girlfriend.

Review-I will start this review with this- if you are going into this film wanting to see character development, and a plot that is well conceived. You are in the wrong film. If you want to see a 2 hour nonstop adrenaline rush, look no further. You are really never sure who is who in this film till about the half way mark, but you really do not seem to care because right from the first opening minutes it is just action. This reminded me of when I was a kid and the Saturday afternoon popcorn action films that came on tv and just made us escape into what was going on. There are a few slow moments here and there, where the film tries to develop a story and give us some background into what is going on which I thought of as breathing moments. This film to me is just such a fun time; it was like the Chinese Indiana Jones almost. Just breathtaking fight scenes, amazing car chases and just some jaw dropping moments that made this film so much fun and highly recommended.

Four detectives are out to get a fugitive who left town and his pregnant girlfriend who followed him and also two assassins are also on the hunt for the two as well. The setting looks like a desert town, and it just plays out like a spaghetti western in terms of feel and look. This film make no mistake is action on top of action, with more action and when the action stops it is almost like they are wanting you to catch your breath, before it starts up again. It has a chase scene that involves a jeep and a dump truck that is just amazingly shot and breathtaking in its delivery. If there was any negative to this film, it was maybe explaining the story and characters better in the start rather than give it to us piece by piece during. The first 45 minutes there is really not too much dialogue, it is just nonstop action. The end of the film was fitting and really worked. All in all, all you lovers of the Asian action films, this is a very fun film to check out.

8.5 out of 10